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What Test Measures Your Metabolism?

What Test Measures Your Metabolism?

It's true; your metabolism affects your health and wellbeing.

Metabolism is a process that converts food/calories into energy in your body. The efficiency of your metabolism dictates the amount of food oxidised to release energy – this is your metabolic rate.

Each individual has a unique metabolism. Weight and height, genetics, hormone levels, level of activity, and body composition are all factors that lead to this individuality.

To understand your metabolism, you can take a metabolic test.

What Is Metabolic Testing?

Metabolic testing is a collection of tests that look at key elements of your metabolism. Tests measure the rate of calories (food) burned in your body at rest and during exercise. These tests are available at specialist locations like we offer at Box Nutrition. Find out more metabolic rate tests here.

The three standard metabolic tests are:

1. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test

Your RMR is the amount of food/calories your body uses at rest each day. This test provides information to plan your weight loss, gain, or maintenance programme.

RMR test types:

· Direct calorimetry – this test measures your body heat to determine the number of calories you burn. The test is carried out in a special chamber, and it takes about an hour. It's accurate but costly and not readily available.

· Indirect calorimetry – this test compares the amount of oxygen consumed vs carbon dioxide breathed out. The RMR test is done in a facility using a breathing mask, mouthpiece or hood, and it takes about 15 – 20 minutes. It's affordable and portable like used at Box Nutrition.

2. Metabolic Efficiency Test

A metabolic efficiency test is an exercise test used to measure kcal and fat burn at different intensities. These tests are useful to measure fat burning capabilities and to help prescribe exercises sessions targeting fat loss based on an individual’s physiology. Normally carried out on a treadmill or exercise bike, the participant will walk or jog for intervals that increase in speed or incline of 3-5mins until a point where they can no longer go any further, or to the point where solely carbohydrates are being used as a fuel. This test can be useful for individuals concerned with weight loss as well as ultra-distance (ironmen/women/ultra runners) athletes.

3. VO2Max Test

A VO2Max test measures your ability to consume oxygen effectively during exercise. A VO2Max test measures oxygen usage at a variety of intensities and is a marker for cardiovascular health and fitness. Find out more about VO2Max testing here.

Is Metabolic Testing Accurate?

Metabolic testing is accurate to about 3%, however, testing accuracy depends on equipment and the person carrying out the tests and their interpretation of the results. Do not rely on calculations that claim to predict your RMR because they offer only prediction values, which may or may not be correct. They can offer a starting guide point but metabolic testing is the only way to measure your unique metabolism.

Metabolic Test: To Take or Not?

Metabolic tests tell you how your body burns calories and uses oxygen during exercise. This can help you guide you with both exercise and nutrition planning. However, these metabolic test numbers are only helpful in the context of a comprehensive programme. This is the reason why at Box we also offer a full report and debrief after testing so you can put your results into action. We can help you with how to build a meal, how to fuel exercise and even how to best exercise based on your results.

If you’re interested in a metabolism test or metabolic testing we offer two main packages.

1. IGNITE is a metabolic testing programme specifically for weight loss and includes and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)/metabolism test, as well as the option to include a metabolic efficiency test. Find out more about Ignite here.

Endure is a VO2Max testing programme for athletes looking to work on their performance. Find out more about Box Endure here.


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