IGNITE - A Weight Loss Plan Designed Around Your Individual Needs. 

  • Are you struggling to lose weight?

  • Have you tried various diets but nothing seems to work for you?

  • Are you confused about what you should be doing with your exercise and diet?


This is how we can help.


Using metabolic testing, we can analyse your body and provide you with the most accurate nutrition plan and exercise recommendations, completely designed around you as an individual.

How Does It Work?

IGNITE uses a three step framework. Test. Analyse. Plan

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Test Your Metabolism

From a simple RMR (resting metabolic rate test) we can measure exactly how many kcals you burn at rest. From this we can provide you with the number of kcals (how much food) you need to help you lose weight.


How Does A Fat Max Test Work

The Fat Max test is a simple exercise test performed on a treadmill or bike, where the speed or resistance increases every three minutes until you can’t exercise any longer.


The test lasts anywhere between 10-40mins depending on your fitness level.

Test Your Fat Burning

A metabolic efficiency (fat max) test enables us to measure your kcal and fat burning rates when you exercise. This simple walking test shows us the most efficient way for you to lose fat, which also makes things easier to plan how much you need to eat for your goals.

Fat burn

During the test, you will be wearing a mask connected to the metabolic cart. The metabolic cart will analyse the oxygen you breathe in and the carbon dioxide you are breathing out. You will also be wearing a heart rate monitor and power meter to gather as much information as possible about your health and fitness.

2. Provide You With A Plan


From your results, we can provide you with tailored kcal and macro plan so you know exactly how much to eat for your goal.

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From your testing results, we can also put together a fitness plan specific to you. This includes a mixture of low and high intensity sessions.

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Meal Planning

There is also an option to get a nutrition plan based around your kcal goals and access to our nutrition platform for a month including recipes, an interactive meal builder and full resource library.

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Who is it for?

IGNITE is specifically for individuals who are struggling to lose weight and are committed to make a change.

To see results, you must be willing track your food for at least 2 months, and exercise or walk at least 3 times per week.  We can only provide you the tools to get results, you must be willing to take action.

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If you have any questions or would like to arrange a call to discuss if the plan is for you, please email info@boxnutrition.co.uk

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