metabolic testing for sportsmen and women

Box Endure removes the guesswork from your training and nutrition with metabolic testing, enabling us to build a plan around you and your physiology.


Box Endure provides metabolic testing in Birmingham (UK) to help support your nutrition and training so you can continue to monitor your performance, training effectiveness and target your nutrition and exercise based on your physiology.

Tests include VO2Max tests, sub-maximal VO2 tests, lactate and power profiling.

perform better.

look better.

feel better.

Are you struggling with how to fuel yourself correctly

Are you training with the correct intensities based on your physiology?

Are you finding it difficult to balance eating to perform and lose body fat?

Are you regularly testing to see if your training is effective?

Are you unsure about what to eat to get the most from your training, recover more quickly and look your best?

This is how Box Endure can help.

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Combining elite level testing with year round support, our testing helps remove the guesswork from your training and nutrition, and provide you with a targeted plan that gets results.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, adventure athlete or triathlete, we can help.

What's involved.....

Box Nutrition brings elite testing to the recreational, amateur and age-group athlete


By using state of the art equipment and methods, VO2Max testing and lactate profiling enables us to analyse your data and provide you with the most accurate nutrition and training recommendations completely bespoke to your individual requirements.


It also enables us to pinpoint your training zones (how hard to push) and highlight how to fuel your sessions and any races.

What is a VO2Max test 

Your VO2Max is one of the best markers for fitness and performance. Although not the only metric that matters (The Five Fundamentals Of Endurance Performance), your VO2Max represents the ceiling of how much oxygen you can breathe in and convert to energy. The more energy you can convert, the more power and speed you can produce. We also measure aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, metabolic efficiency with a variety of other tests and protocols.

As well as being a measure for fitness, VO2Max testing provides you with much more than just this.

Training Zones

Based on your VO2Max test, we can accurately pinpoint your training zones (not the max heart rate nonsense), which enables you to target your training to achieve a specific outcome. This means you know what heart rate, power or speed you should be aiming for within each session.

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Identify your strengths and weaknesses

From your VO2 test, we are able to understand how you stack up, which gives us a better understanding of where you need to improve. Is it your based endurance, high intensity exercise, or do you need to be more efficient?

Carb Vs. Fat Burn

Testing enables us to see your kcal burn as well as how much fat and carbohydrates you burn at different intensities (speed or power). Your carbohydrate/fat burn helps us understand how to fuel various training sessions as well as how to maximise fat loss.

Fat burn

If you are a serious endurance athlete, you may wish to opt for a lactate profile which helps us identify your lactate threshold. Combining this with a VO2Max can help cement your training zones. This is a longer step step test than the typical VO2Max test, which involves drawing a small blood sample between stages.

power profiling

If you are a cyclist or triathlete, using your power meter we can build your metabolic profile and provide you with the information to assess your current strengths, weaknesses and help develop a plan to improve.

The metabolic profile you receive with Box Nutrition and Performance offers a full 360° view on your cycling  performance.

What Power Profiling measures.​

  1. VO2max – how good is your aerobic engine (endurance engine)

  2. VLamax – how developed is you anaerobic engine (sprint performance)

  3. Anaerobic threshold - how can we improve your FTP

  4. Lactate accumulation and how quick you can recover from it - build intervals specifically to your physiology

  5. Carbohydrate and fat usage at different intensities

  6. Carbohydrate fuelling guidelines for training & racing

  7. Economy – how much energy you need at a given speed

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Test Your Body Composition

Using the premier body composition analyser, the InBody 270, we measure how much lean mass you have in each body segment, as well as segmental fat and visceral fat analysis. This helps us accurately determine your protein and carbohydrate needs.

Who is Box Endure for?

Box Endure is for competitive or recreational athletes who are looking to maximise their training and performance.

Whether you're a runner, cyclist, CrossFitter, footballer, triathlete, adventure racer and looking for those marginal gains, Endure can provide you with the tools to direction to take your training and results to the next level.

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How Does It Work

pick your package

Box Endure is designed to build testing around your needs. Choose from the following package or, we can help customise a package for you if you send us a message to info@boxnutrition.co.uk or call us at 0121 293 7581

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My name is Jack Braniff and I help athletes perform, look and feel their best. I'm the founder of Box Nutrition and a registered performance nutritionist (SENr, CISSN), have my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition, a member of the British Dietetics Association and a UKAD anti doping advisor. I'm also the author of the sports nutrition book "Fuelling The Functional Athlete" .

Although specialising in nutrition, I'm a certified VDOT running coach, INSCYD practitioner and completed the Endure IQ fundamentals of long distance triathlon programming giving me a solid insight into endurance training and programming.


Jack Braniff MSc


Frequently asked questions


What equipment is the test done on?

The VO2 test is performed on either the bike or treadmill depending on your sport. If you are a triathlete you get access to testing on both the bike and treadmill.

How does the testing work?

Metabolic testing involves wearing a mask, which gathers information about how much oxygen you breath in, and how much carbon dioxide you breath out. From this data we can establish your fitness levels, kcal and carbohydrate/fat burn. The VO2 test is a ramp test that increases in exercise intensity until you are unable to continue. This helps us establish your fitness levels, your training zones and fuel utilisation. We also provide remote testing which can be performed using your own turbo or smart trainer if you are a cyclist, and smart watch if you are a runner. This is only in case you are unable to attend the Box.

Am I fit enough?

Absolutely, the testing is simply done to provide you with a tailored approach to your diet and training, regardless of your fitness levels. It's not a test to see how good you are, but to help you improve.

I already have a coach.

That's fine, testing can help support your coach with your training plan. We are happy to share and discuss your results with your coach to get the most from testing.

Find us.

Friendly settings.

We are situated the between Wylde Green and Erdington in Birmingham (B24 0DE), just 10-15mins walk from Wylde Green Station. We also operate from the Club and Spa in Birmingham city centre. 


Before any testing, we have a quick 15mins consultation This is just a quick chat to get to know you, understand your goals and go through what to expect during testing.

After your consultation, your metabolic testing will be conducted. You will then receive your results within 48hrs.