Metabolic Testing

What Is Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing uses state of the art equipment to measure how many kcals you need and the type of fuel you use (e.g. fats or carbohydrates) for training. It is used to measure fitness levels and provide you with data to produce highly tailored nutrition and exercise programmes.

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How can it help you?

Endurance Performance 

  • Gauge aerobic fitness levels

  • Measure training effectiveness

  • Measure training zones and thresholds

  • Assess fuel economy

Weight Loss

  • ​Detect Weight Loss Plateau

  • Provide you with the exact calories you burn at rest to help determine how much you should be eating for your goal

  • Develop training & nutrition guidelines for fat loss

  • Assess fat burning efficiency and resting metabolic rate (RMR)​​

Functional Fitness  

  • Measure fuel economy and resting metabolic rate (RMR)

  • Measure peak aerobic fitness

  • Assess aerobic and anaerobic thresholds to understand  how to pace workouts and maximise training

How it Works

Box Nutrition gives you the most comprehensive and insightful assessment allowing us to develop an accurate nutrition and plan and recommendations for your training.

1. Test

Perform an RMR, fuel utilisation or VO2 Max test

2. Analyze

Using state of the art software, we analyse your data

3. Plan

Based on your results, we provide you with a full diet breakdown of what and how you should be eating

The Tests.

Resting Metabolic Rate - Determine your kcals

The resting metabolic rate test determines how many calories your body burns at rest, which will help you us provide you with an accurate assessment of your daily calorie needs to lose, maintain, or gain weight.

Substrate Usage Test - Fat Vs Carbs

An understanding of your energy needs during exercise provides a sound scientific basis for any exercise or nutrition plan. Measuring carbohydrate/fat usage during exercise, which involves exercising at different intensities, will provide an accurate assessment of your energy requirements during exercise. This test also gives an insight into whether you are most reliant on carbohydrates or fat at any given intensity.

VO2 Max test

A VO2 max test finds the body’s maximum ability to consume oxygen, an indication of physical fitness. Having a high VO2 max is a prerequisite for any successful endurance athlete. The VO2 max assessment will allow athletes to accurately gauge their aerobic (fitness) levels, monitor the effectiveness of training and should be part of any good fitness assessment.

Find us.

Friendly settings.

We are situated within the custard factory Birmingham, just 10-15mins walk from Moor Street  Station.

Before any testing, we have a quick 15mins consultation This is just a quick chat to get to know you, understand your goals and go through what to expect during testing.

After your consultation, your metabolic testing will be conducted. You will then receive your results within 48hrs.


Your Results

After your test, we analyse your data and provide you with your full results analysis and nutrition breakdown.​


An RMR analysis includes a kcal and macronutrient breakdown of exactly how much and what you should be eating, which will be tailored to your goals, training and schedule.


As part of the VO2 test you will also receive a breakdown of your cardiovascular fitness score, mechanical efficiency, muscle fibre breakdown, fat burning efficiency and breathing efficiency analysis.

Book Your Test

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Once you have booked your testing, you  will be contacted beforehand  to discuss testing protocols.

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My name is Jack Braniff, founder of Box Nutrition. I’m a registered sports nutritionist (SENr) by trade and hold my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition.

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