Metabolic Testing - What We Offer

At Box Nutrition and performance, we offer a range of metabolic testing to suit your needs. See below what test or package is right for you.

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With so many options available, get in contact to see which testing package is right for you.

Stand alone tests

RMR Test

The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test measures your kcal burn at rest. This enables us to provide you with a kcal and macro breakdown specific to your metabolism.


Pair with a VO2 test to measure you fat burning during activity.


Who is it for?


Anybody who is looking to understand how much to eat. Especially useful if your goal is weight loss/fat loss.  


VO2 Test

The VO2 Test is a simple exercise test which measures your fitness levels, fat burning, provides you with heart rate training zones as well help identify areas in your fitness that you need to improve.

The test is tailored to your fitness level and sport.


Who is it for?

Anybody looking to improve their performance or understand their fat burning.




Metabolic efficiency test

The metabolic efficiency test is a long form VO2 test which focuses more on fuel usage (carb:fat) at different intensities. This longer test is also more accurate at defining your aerobic threshold, which is important for long distance endurance athletes.


Who is it for


Accomplished runners, long distance triathletes (half iron, full ironman), ultra runners, competitive cyclists, adventure racers or mountaineers. 


Our Packages

IGNITE - Fat Loss Test and Coach Package

IGNITE is a test and coaching programme designed specifically to help you lose weight and keep it off.


Ignite combines the full testing package with 121 coaching so that you reach your weight loss goals faster than ever.


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Full Testing Package

The Full testing package combines an RMR test to measure your metabolism so we know how much you should be eating for your goal, a VO2Max test to test your fitness and provide you with accurate heart rate as well as an InBody scan to measure your body composition.

This package also comes with a full testing report and video debrief.


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Before any testing, we have a quick 15mins consultation This is just a quick chat to get to know you, understand your goals and go through what to expect during testing.

After your consultation, your metabolic testing will be conducted. You will then receive your results within 48hrs.