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Hyrox Training Plans

Welcome to the ultimate training plan resource for HYROX athletes. Whether you're a beginner looking for foundational programmes or an elite athlete seeking to smash records, we've got something for you. Take a look at our meticulously crafted training plans designed to fit your lifestyle, performance goals, and preferred training platforms.

Choose from our:


> TrainingPeaks HYROX Plans

> Customised HYROX Training Plan

PDF HYROX Training Plans

Grab our downloadable PDFs for a straightforward, easy-to-follow training routine.


New to HYROX or not sure where to start? Incorporate our free conditioning workouts into your HYROX-specific sessions.

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Similar to the strength-biased program but with a greater emphasis on running, this programme will prepare you for a HYROX event by focusing on endurance running while also incorporating functional strength workout

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A programme specifically designed for those preparing for a HYROX event, with a greater emphasis on strength training. Expect a blend of functional workouts and heavy lifting sessions to build the strength necessary for the competition.

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Training Peaks HYROX Plans: The Science-Backed Approach


Choose from our range of Training Peaks HYROX Training Programmes, designed to offer targeted, efficient, and customisable training solutions for your HYROX goals. With a focus on real-world performance data, these plans enable you to train more effectively.


Key Features:

  • Targeted Training: Specific plans for different phases of your HYROX preparation.

  • Customisable: Easily adapt the programme to suit your needs and training schedule.

  • Heart Rate Zone Management: Simple, effective guidelines for training within ideal heart rate zones.

  • Free Testing Week: Kickstart your plan with a week of testing to inform your training strategy.


Resource Hub: Your Ultimate Guide to HYROX Success

Unlock complimentary access to the Box:Perform Resource Hub with the purchase of any of our training programmes. This digital platform serves as your all-in-one guide, offering deep insights into your performance metrics and providing actionable steps to elevate your training. Consider it your essential companion for achieving peak fitness.

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Tailored HYROX Training Plan


Tailored Training Plan

Opt for our 8-week Customised HYROX Training Plans, tailored to align with your lifestyle and training objectives. We take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—delivering quality workouts for optimal performance. Each custom HYROX plan is delivered through TrainingPeaks and includes full access to the Box:Perform Resource Hub, enhancing your training experience with in-depth analytics and guidance.

Our 8-week Customised Training Plans offer:

  • A personalised training schedule, designed in 8-week blocks to best suit your specific training needs and lifestyle constraints.

  • A balanced variety of weekly workouts, finely tuned to ensure the perfect blend of training intensity and necessary recovery periods.

  • Field-based fitness and performance tests throughout the plan to ascertain accurate training intensities and track your ongoing progress.

  • Daily workout reminders, sent directly to your device, helping to keep you accountable and focused on the task at hand.

  • End-of-block feedback, summarising your performance and any areas for future improvement.

  • Exclusive access to our Box:Perform Resource Hub, offering invaluable insights, analytics, and advice to complement your training journey.

  • Please note that while the custom plan is rich in features, it doesn't include daily coach support or plan alterations. For such services, kindly refer to our specialised coaching page.

  • Pricing: £125 for the 8-week plan.

The 12 Week Challenge - The Ultimate Hyrox Preparation Package 

12-Week Tailored Test and Coach Programme for Runners, Hybrid, and HYROX Athletes

Embark on a transformative journey to optimise your training and nutrition, specifically designed for runners, Hybrid, and HYROX athletes. This comprehensive 12-week programme is tailored to understand your body and elevate your performance, combining scientific testing with personal coaching.

Initial Comprehensive Assessment:

  • VO2Max Testing: A critical evaluation of your cardiovascular fitness to establish personalised training zones, enhancing your workout efficiency and performance.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Body Composition Assessment: Delve into your metabolic health and body composition, key to customising your training and dietary strategies.

  • InBody Body Composition Analysis: Receive an in-depth analysis of your body composition, essential for tracking and improving your physical development.

  • Personal Consultation: A one-on-one discussion to understand your goals, challenges, and motivations, shaping the foundation of your personalised programme.

Post-Assessment Benefits:

  1. 12-Week Customised Training Plan: Whether you're a runner, engaged in Hybrid training, or preparing for a HYROX challenge, this plan is meticulously crafted based on your unique fitness assessment results.

  2. Personalised Nutrition Plan:

    • Caloric and macronutrient breakdown, tailored to your RMR and specific goals.

    • Meal plans and ideas aligned with your macro requirements, designed to optimally fuel your training and enhance performance.

    • A strategic supplement and fuelling guide to boost your progress and recovery.

Ongoing Support and Coaching:

  • Monthly Coaching Calls: Engage in a monthly one-on-one coaching call to discuss progress, tackle challenges, and refine strategies for training and nutrition.

  • Regular Communication: Stay connected with continuous support through your preferred communication channel. Whether it's a quick question or in-depth discussion, we're here to guide you every step of the way.


Jack Braniff MSc


Like many of you, I've explored various aspects of fitness – from lifting weights to hitting the pavement. While I may not be breaking world records, my diverse experience over 15 years in coaching has given me a broad perspective on what it takes to excel in different fitness arenas.

As an official HYROX coach and gym affiliate, I'm deeply embedded in the world of hybrid training. My credentials include a master's degree in sports and exercise nutrition, certification as a Human Performance Hybrid Master Course Coach, and VDOT certified running trainer status. Plus, I've performed hundreds of VO2Max and lactate tests, giving me a thorough understanding of running physiology and what it takes to optimise performance.


Here's What This Means for You:


Whether you're passionate about strength training, endurance sports, HYROX competitions, CrossFit, or just general fitness, I'm here to help you find the ideal balance. My goal is to guide you towards unleashing your full potential, blending strength and endurance in a way that suits your personal goals and lifestyle.

Get in touch with me

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