What does 50g of carbs look like?

When it comes to portion control, or understanding how much of what food groups to have can be tricky. Protein and fat numbers tend to be relatively consistent (See Macronutrients part 2), whereas if performance is the goal, your training time, type, intensity, length and even your preference will effect how and what carbohydrates you should be having, making it difficult to give an exact portion size.

However, if you can work out our your overall carbohydrate requirements for the day (Use the calculator here), you can just divide this figure by the number of meals you are having, or you may want to weight your portions more heavily nearer to your workouts. But even then, what does a portion look like?

To help you out, I’ve put together a few common carb sources to give you an idea of what is 50g of carbs. Then all you need to do is adjust the portion size to suit the number you’ve worked out.

A note on flexibility

Although you can work out a good starting point with the calculator, see this number as fluid whereby you must be willing to adjust it moving forward based on how well you’re doing. Look at metrics like performance in the gym and body composition to make any necessary changes.

Need any more help?

Then see how our tailored programme may help you:

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