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Fuelling the Functional Athlete

Fuelling the Functional Athlete

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This is a physical book.


Perform better. Look better. Feel better.


Perfect for any recreational or competitive sportsman or woman, Fuelling the Functional Athlete walks you through a proven framework for building a successful diet. Dispelling many of the myths often associated with nutrition for functional training, sports nutritionist Jack Braniff delves into the science and research behind exactly how you should be fuelling your training and eating for results, whilst providing you with a practical framework to implement yourself.In this book you will discover:


• How much to eat – Understand how much food you need to support your training and goals

• What to eat - Learn about how to adjust your macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) based on your goals and activity

• Eat to perform – Understand how to adjust your eating around training and competition

• Supplements – A breakdown of the which ones you should be considering

• Example meal plans and recipes

•Your own resource pack that includes a preparation guide, shopping list, snack guide and meal planner

• Learn how to write your own meal plan and adjust your portions using the Box Nutrition Traffic Light System

• Follow our framework to measure your progress and make adjustments to your plan to ensure you continue to see progress

• Understand how to be flexible in your diet, deal with social occasions without compromising results