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Welcome to your HYROX Run Biased 12-Week Training Plan, meticulously tailored for Hyrox athletes like you who are keen to improve their running performance. This plan has been crafted to help you prepare for your upcoming HYROX event, with a special emphasis on enhancing your running skills while still keeping your strength game strong.


This comprehensive programme includes lower and upper body strength training, interval runs, threshold repeats, long runs, and HYROX-specific conditioning. All of these are designed to optimise your HYROX performance and give you a competitive edge. You'll also find essential recovery days built in, to ensure you progress effectively without risking injury or overtraining.


To get the most out of this plan, don't forget to sign up for the Box Perform Dashboard. This platform provides you with valuable metrics and analytics, allowing you to track and analyse your progress effectively. Plus, as a bonus, get an exclusive 10% discount on VO2Max testing, which can provide even more precise data to tailor your training.


Whether you're a seasoned HYROX athlete looking to up your game or a newcomer eager to take on the challenge, this plan is your roadmap to success. Let's lace up those trainers, hit the gym and the track, and get ready to crush your HYROX goals together!

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