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Metabolism (RMR) Tests Near Me? Who Are Top Metabolic Testing Providers in the UK and Ireland

Are you in the looking for a metabolism or RMR test near you? At Box Nutrition we speak with hundreds of customers so we are familiar with the different providers in this particular space. As we enjoy giving credit to our competition as well as educating our customers, we have provided a list of 8 of the most popular metabolic testing providers in the UK and Ireland.

Richard Tucker from Pure Sports Medicine (London) - Top physiologist and great guy based in central London. Rich has the equipment to offer a variety of tests including RMR, VO2, lactate and fat max.

Owen Hutchins from Vitalmetrics (London) - Owen again offers RMR, VO2Max testing, as well as 3D body scans for body composition.

Sam McKenzie from Science2health (Somewhere up North haha Manchester I think!) - Sam is a physiologist and super knowledgeable guy who specialises in performance nutrition. Sam also offers testing as part of his performance packages.

Endura Prep - Cowbridge (Wales) - Endura Prep specialises in running and triathlon coaching but also offers VO2Max and metabolic testing.

Sean at My Health Matters from Westpark Fitness in Tallaght (Ireland). A long standing metabolic testing provider, Sean has probably conducted more VO2Max tests than anybody in the UK and Ireland! Top guy too.

Oisin at Enhanced Nutrition and Performance - Galway - Also in Ireland, Oisin (Osheen) specialises in fat loss transformations and his content on social media is top drawer.

Go Perform (Reading) - Go Perform is a performance based facility in Reading who also provides metabolism testing.

Your local university - If you're unable to travel to any of those above, get in touch with your local university to see what tests they offer. Just be aware that universities will often just provide you with the data and may not be able to offer you specific dietary advice, so do your research and understand exactly what you're getting as part of your testing.

So there you have it, 8 different metabolic testing providers around the UK and Ireland.

Do your research on each one to see what would be the best fit for you and your needs - each provider offers something slightly different.

Still not sure?

And if you're still stuck, not be able to find a provider near you or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Box Nutrition ( and we will be more than happy to help.

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