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7 Strategies to Ensure Boozing Doesn't Affect Your Progress

A couple of things to think about if you are drinking more at the weekend (or during the week!).

1. Alcohol inhibits protein synthesis, or the remodelling of new muscle. Having it after exercise can prevent recovery and also hamper growth. It's not so bad after cardio, but for any sport that involves trauma (i.e. rugby) or weight training then it’s best to avoid it.However, protein synthesis will still be higher after you train when boozing than not training at all, so don’t not exercise because you’re going out 💪💪

2. Alcohol also may reduce glycogen resynthesis in the first hour post exercise, however it will unlikely have a notable effect over 24hrs. So if you’re exercising again within 8hrs then it’s prudent not to hit the booze 🏃‍♂️

3. Exercise the day after. You reap what you sow so get a coffee and get to the gym. Utilise the excess energy you've built up and reduce its negative effects🏋️

4. Mind the calories - if you plan it correctly you can fit in the additional cals, however the post booze chip shop visit is what’s more likely to lead to fat gain. This is why it’s sensible to reduce your kcals leading up to a big night and create a bit of a buffer 🥟🍟🍔

5. You also have to think about the day after, as it's CONSISTENTLY being above your kcal requirement that causes weight gain. How many times after drinking have you sat on the sofa eating hobnobs and comfort food? Try not to do this for the next 2 weeks 🐷

6. Dietary fat is more easily stored as body fat IF you go over kcal allowance. So opt for high protein and low fat foods the night of, and day after a session on the sauce 🥑

7. You can’t burn any fat until you oxidise the alcohol in your body so even the odd glass each night will dampen your ability to shed that excess weight.

Bonus strategy >> Go hard - if you really want to get boozy then go hard with spirits quickly. Get very drunk without the excess kcals and you’ll probably have to finish quickly haha - I don’t condone this behaviour however!

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