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A Diet & Exercise Programme Like No Other
The 6 Week Challenge Uses VO2Max & Metabolism Testing To help Your Maximise Results In The Most Efficient Way

Are you caught in the endless cycle of dieting and inconsistent workout routines? Frustrated with fitness plans that promise much but deliver little?

Break free with The Box 6-Week Challenge. Our holistic approach combines understanding your unique metabolism through precise metabolic testing and expert nutrition coaching with a tailored fitness regimen that suits your body and goals. This dual focus helps you escape the pitfalls of low-calorie diets and ineffective workouts, leading to sustainable fat loss and fitness gains. 


Imagine this: effortlessly slipping into your favourite outfit, feeling stronger and more agile in your daily activities, or exuding confidence on the beach in that dream bikini. The Box Perform 6-Week Challenge is crafted to turn these visions into reality, with a balanced emphasis on nutrition and effective exercise.

Prepare to embark on a journey uniquely tailored to your fitness aspirations, scientifically backed, and meticulously supported at every step. Our challenge dismantles the one-size-fits-all approach, offering personalised metabolic testing, bespoke nutrition planning, and customised training regimens.

Choose Your Path – Performance or Fat Loss:

  • Performance Pathway: Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to enhance their athletic capabilities, featuring VO2Max testing, comprehensive strength assessments, and targeted training plans.

  • Fat Loss Pathway: Ideal for those focused on weight loss, utilising RMR and InBody testing to craft effective fat loss strategies with personalised nutrition and exercise plans.

Programme Highlights:

  • Personalised Approach: Whether you join us online or in-person, we tailor every aspect of the challenge to your unique needs and goals.

  • Adaptable Plans: Our plans are designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring sustainable changes and long-term success.

  • Expert Support: Leverage our 20+ years of experience in fitness and nutrition for guidance, motivation, and accountability.

  • Community and Connection: Be part of a supportive community that shares your journey towards transformation.


Are you ready to redefine your fitness limits or shed those extra pounds? Enrol in our 6-Week Challenge and unlock your full potential with Box Nutrition & Performance. With limited spots available and a results guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is any hesitation to begin this life-changing experience.

What Your Get

We use a 3 Step System

1. Metabolic Testing

Comprehensive In-House Assessment: Begin your transformation journey with our detailed metabolic analysis.


This includes:

  • Body Composition Analysis (InBody): Get a clear picture of your body's composition to tailor your fitness plan.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test: Understand how your body burns calories at rest, crucial for effective weight management.

  • Active Calorie Burn/VO2Max Test: See how your body utilises calories during activity, allowing for optimised workout plans.


These assessments provide a solid foundation for your personalised fat loss or performance strategy, ensuring that every aspect of your programme is fine-tuned to your body’s unique needs.

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The 3-Hour Workout Week

Transform how you look and feel with just three hours of exercise week. This efficient approach ensures your clothes fit better and you look amazing, all without dominating your schedule.

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The Mobile App & Accountability Coaching

VIP Access to the BOX Mobile App:

  • Say goodbye to endless Google searches. Our app provides you with the essential knowledge and tools you need, right at your fingertips, for a streamlined learning experience.

Next-Level 1:1 Accountability System:

  • Even on days when motivation is low, our accountability system ensures you stay on track. Personalised support means you're never alone in your fitness journey.

Jack Braniff.jpg

Jack Braniff

  • Masters degree in exercise nutrition

  • Personal Trainer for over 15 years

  • VDOT Running Coach

  • CHP Hybrid Master Trainer

  • Over 1000 metabolic tests completed

  • Helped 100's of men and women with both performance and fat loss transformations

Why Work With Us?

My name is Jack Braniff, and I'm at the helm of Box Nutrition and Performance.

Navigating the world of nutrition and fat loss can feel like wading through a sea of endless information. With my expertise in exercise nutrition, I specialize in demystifying this complex science and transforming it into clear, actionable plans that deliver real results.

My philosophy? True, sustainable weight loss isn’t about quick fixes or rigid diets; it’s about embracing lifelong, meaningful changes.

With over a decade in the fitness industry, I've conducted more than 1000 metabolic tests and guided hundreds of clients on their journeys to better health. My approach goes beyond the surface; I work with you to foster a healthy relationship with food and your body, without oversimplifying the realities of weight loss.

Interested in finding out more? Let’s start a conversation. You can reach me at with any questions or to begin your journey to lasting health.

Who is it for?

Are you aiming to transform your body and health but feeling stuck? The Box Perform 6-Week Transformation Challenge is your answer:

  • If You're Seeking Significant Fat Loss: Ready to shed up to 12 pounds of body fat? This challenge is designed to help you achieve noticeable and impactful fat loss in just six weeks.

  • If You're Looking to Get Fitter, Leaner, and Stronger: Discover the key strategies that effectively improve your fitness. Our approach is tailored to help you build strength and lean muscle, enhancing your overall fitness.

  • If You're Wanting Health Transformation Without Lifestyle Overhaul: Maintain your lifestyle while transforming your health. We understand the importance of balance and will show you how to make sustainable changes that don’t require sacrificing what you love.

  • If You're Curious About Lasting Fitness and Nutrition: Unlock the secrets to sustainable fitness. We demystify the world of nutrition and exercise, providing you with the knowledge to make informed, long-lasting changes to your health.

The Box Perform 6-Week Transformation Challenge is not just a fitness programme; it’s a commitment to your future self. It’s perfect for you if you’re ready to see real change but want guidance and support tailored to fit your life.

Real People - Real Results

Results Matter.

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Hastingwood Business Park, Erdington, B24 9QR / email. Tel. 07860945336


  1. What exactly is the 6-Week Challenge? The 6-Week Challenge is a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program designed to help you achieve your health goals, whether it's losing weight, building strength, or improving overall fitness. It includes personalised metabolic testing, tailored nutrition plans, and customised training regimens.

  2. Who is the challenge suitable for? This challenge is suitable for anyone looking to improve their fitness, regardless of their current level. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our program is tailored to meet you where you are.

  3. What does metabolic testing involve? Metabolic testing involves assessing your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) to understand how your body burns calories at rest. This information helps us create a nutrition plan that’s specifically tailored to your body's needs.

  4. Will I receive a personalised diet plan? Yes, based on the results of your metabolic testing, you'll receive a nutrition plan that includes calorie and macronutrient targets, meal ideas, and guidance on how to eat to support your training and health goals

  5. Can I participate in the challenge online? Yes, we offer both online and in-person versions of the challenge. Online participants will receive the same level of coaching and support through our digital platforms.

  6. What if I have specific dietary restrictions or preferences? We can accommodate most dietary restrictions and preferences. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss any specific requirements you have to ensure your nutrition plan suits your needs.

  7. Is there support available throughout the challenge? Absolutely! You'll have regular check-ins with your coach for accountability, and you can always reach out for support or questions throughout the challenge.

  8. What happens after the 6 weeks? After completing the challenge, you’ll have the option to continue training with us, either through ongoing membership or more personalised coaching. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and habits to maintain your results independently.

  9. How do I sign up? You can sign up for the challenge by above or contacting us directly at We recommend booking a consultation first to discuss your goals and how the challenge can work for you here 

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