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Ignite - Our Signature Weight Loss Programme

Ignite is our signature weight loss programme that uses metabolic testing to create a targeted diet and exercise plan built around your physiology, or how your body works. Metabolic testing is a series of simple tests that measure how your body creates energy from food. From this we are able to see exactly how many kcals you burn at rest and during activity. This makes creating your plan unique to your needs.

How Ignite Works

1. Test Your Metabolism

Our RMR metabolism test measures how many kcals you burn at rest. This means we can provide you with a kcal breakdown based on YOUR physiology, not an estimation. This also enables you to eat the most amount of food, and still see results!

2. Test Your Fat Burning

The exercise portion of the testing measures how many kcals you burn during exercise as well as your fat burning rates.

This helps us provide specific exercise sessions to help you progress more quickly.

3. Provide you with a nutrition plan

From your RMR test, we can give you a detailed macro breakdown of exactly how much and what to eat, dietary specifics including, fruit, veg, water and fibre targets. This also comes with access to our nutrition bundle including recipes and meal builder.

4. Provide you with an exercise plan

Based on your results, we provide you with an exercise plan. This include a mixture of low intensity and interval based workouts based on YOUR heart rate training zones.

Sign Up Now

If you're struggling to lose weight and want a plan based around YOUR body, then get in contact or find out more at:

Testing takes place in Birmingham, UK.


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