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How much does a VO2Max test Cost?

How much does a VO2Max test cost?

A VO2Max test is a short exercise assessment that is used to help measure cardiovascular fitness and health.

The test is performed on exercise equipment related to your sport or goals where the speed or power is increased over a set time (normally 1-minute intervals) until you are unable to exercise any further. The goal of the test is to measure the maximum amount of oxygen you can breathe in and use; your VO2Max.

Protocols do vary, however tests should last approximately 8-12 minutes to best find your true VO2Max. Longer tests run the risk of tiring the subject out before reaching their peak VO2, whereas tests that speed up too quickly can lead to the subject being ‘outrun’ by the protocol. The VO2Max test becomes too hard/fast before the maximal oxygen uptake is measured.

There are variations of metabolic tests, which are longer. These include lactate or metabolic efficiency tests that are similar, however, the increments/steps are longer to better measure submaximal values such as your aerobic threshold. These can be useful for longer distance events like Ironman and ultra distances.

How much should a VO2Max test cost?

A VO2Max test can cost anywhere between £75 and £250 depending on the location and other services attached to the test itself. This will factor in the time taken to carry out the test, a report with your results, potentially a debrief session and bearing in mind the equipment will cost somewhere between £6000-15000!

VO2Max testing can be sensitive to inaccuracy making it important to choose a practitioner wisely.

Things to consider

  • Has the practitioner got any much experience?

  • Has he/she been to university?

  • Is the equipment new and calibrated?

  • Will you receive and support alongside the results?

Before booking in for a test, you should explain to the practitioner your goal, what is it you’re looking to get from testing. Based on this they should be able to advise you on the correct protocol and whether or not it’s something else that you need.

At Box, I offer a range of tests and packages to suit individuals needs. The best place to look is to find which test is right for you.

If you were interested in booking a VO2Max test with Box Nutrition, they are £119 and you can find out more and book here


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