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A 12-Week Guide to Conquering Your First HYROX

How to train for your first HYROX

The HYROX competition has been making waves in the fitness community, offering a unique blend of running and functional exercises that challenge both your strength and endurance. With its increasing popularity, one question seems to come up frequently among aspiring participants: "How long do I need to prepare for a HYROX event?", or “How fit do I need to be?”. This blog post aims to shed light on this pressing question, giving you a comprehensive guide on the fitness benchmarks you should aim for and how long it typically takes to get HYROX-ready. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to the hybrid fitness scene, this guide will offer valuable insights to help you gauge your readiness and plan your training accordingly.

Understanding the HYROX Event

Understanding the specific exercises is key to preparing effectively for Hyrox. Below is a breakdown of the main challenges and the physical demands they place on competitors:

The 8 Hyrox Stations

The Hyrox Race

1 - 1000m Ski Erg: This event tests your upper body strength and endurance. It requires powerful pulls and a strong core to maintain stability and speed.

2 - 2 x 25m Sled Push: This event challenges your lower body strength, particularly your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. A strong and efficient push technique is crucial.


  • Women Open 102kg including sled.

  • Women Pro 152kg including sled

  • Mens Open 152kg including sled

  • Mens Pro 200kg including sled

3 - 50m Sled Pull: Similar to the sled push, this event demands strength from your lower body but also engages your back and arms as you pull the sled towards you.


  • Women Open 78kg including sled.

  • Women Pro 103kg including sled

  • Mens Open 103kg including sled

  • Mens Pro 153kg including sled

4 - Burpee Broad Jumps: This full-body exercise tests your explosive power, coordination, and stamina. Consistency and maintaining form are key.

5 - 1000m Rowing: A full-body cardiovascular workout that requires strength and endurance, particularly in the legs, back, and arms.

6 - 200m Farmers Carry: This event tests your grip strength, core stability, and overall endurance as you carry heavy weights over a set distance.


  • Women Open 2 x 16kg

  • Women Pro 2 x24kg

  • Mens Open 2 x24kg

  • Mens Pro 2 x 32kg

7 - Sandbag Lunges: Targeting the legs and glutes, this exercise demands balance, strength, and stamina.


  • Women Open 4kg

  • Women Pro 20kg

  • Mens Open 20kg

  • Mens Pro 30kg

8 - 100 Wall Balls: This full-body movement tests your lower body strength, upper body power, and cardiovascular endurance.


Women Open 10kg

Women Pro 6kg

Mens Open 6kg

Mens Pro 9kg

Between each station - 8 x 1km Run Repeats: Interspersed between each station, these runs test your ability to maintain a steady pace and quickly recover between high-intensity efforts.

Where should I start with my HYROX plan?

Now that you have a grasp on what a HYROX race entails, the real adventure begins. It’s time to dive in and start your training journey.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the exercises and nail down the techniques. Efficiency in your movements is key, and you can learn more about its importance here. Once you're confident with how each exercise should feel, break them down into manageable segments. Gradually increase the duration of these segments to build up to the full race distance, all while handling the weights you’ll encounter on race day.

  2. Get running - 8km on fatigued legs is a challenge in itself, so ensure that running forms a core part of your regime.

  3. Don't just do simulations - Like constructing a vehicle, you must first build each 'part' or aspect of your fitness. If you rush the process, you'll end up unprepared. So, invest time in getting strong and building endurance.

  4. Vary your training intensity - Not every workout needs to push you to your limits. A balanced approach, with steady-state cardio to lay the groundwork and high-intensity sessions to boost speed and power, will keep you advancing towards your goal without burning out.

  5. Know your strengths and weaknesses - Are you a powerhouse in lifting but lag in your runs, or vice versa? Tailor your training to address these areas, focusing particularly during the base phase or off-season, to transform weaknesses into strengths.

Building Your HYROX Plan

For beginners and those new to the HYROX world, the journey to the starting line might seem daunting. However, with the right guidance and a tailored training plan, you can progress steadily, building the strength, endurance, and specific skills required to not only finish but enjoy your HYROX experience.

Below, we've put together a 12-week HYROX training guide designed specifically for HYROX beginners. This plan provides a balanced mix of strength training, running, and HYROX-specific workouts, gradually shifting focus as you approach race day to ensure you're in peak condition. For those who feel they need a bit more preparation before diving into the 12-week plan, we've also included a bonus two-month base training phase, perfect for building the fundamental strength and endurance you'll need.

Completing Your First HYROX Race: A 12-Week Training Guide for Beginners

12 Week Beginner Plan for HYROX

Week 1-4: Building the Base

Focus: Establishing a routine, developing basic strength and aerobic capacity.

  • 1x Strength Training: Full-body workouts, focusing on major muscle groups.

  • 1x Running: 30-minute steady-state runs.

  • 1x HYROX-Specific Workout: Practising technique and efficiency of HYROX stations.

Optional Workouts:

  • 1x Additional Strength or Running Session: Depending on individual needs.

Week 5-8: Increasing Intensity

Focus: Building strength, starting to integrate more HYROX-specific training.

  • 1x Strength Training: Progressing weights and complexity of exercises.

  • 1x Running: Including a mixture of steady-state and interval runs.

  • 1x HYROX-Specific Workout: Creating more HYROX specific workouts and increasing intensity.

Optional Workouts:

  • 1x Additional Strength or Running Session: Depending on individual needs.

Week 9-12: Sharpening and Tapering

Focus: Refining technique, tapering to ensure peak performance on race day.

  • 2x HYROX-Specific Workouts: ¼, ½ and full simulations of the event, focusing on perfecting each exercise and understanding your intensity. Start tapering in week 12.

  • 1x Strength Training: Maintain intensity while reducing volume, especially starting in week 11

  • 1x Running: This should be about peaking cardiovascular fitness. Start reducing volume in week 12 to ensure freshness for the race.

Optional Workouts:

  • 1x Additional Running Session: Especially beneficial for those looking to maximise the running element of the HYROX race

The Two-Month Base Training (Optional for Complete Beginners)

Month 1: Focus on building an aerobic base and fundamental strength.

  • 2x Cardio: A mix of steady-state running and other aerobic activities.

  • 2x Strength Training: Full-body workouts.

Month 2: Gradual introduction of HYROX elements, increasing intensity.

  • 2x Running: Including one longer session.

  • 2x Strength Training: Progressing in intensity.

  • 1x HYROX-Specific Workout: Getting familiar with HYROX stations.


Embarking on a HYROX journey requires determination, discipline, and the right training strategy. Whether you're an elite athlete or someone simply looking to complete their first race, understanding the intricacies of the event and tailoring your training to its unique demands is crucial. Remember, HYROX is not just about strength or endurance in isolation, but the harmonious integration of both.

Ready to take the challenge head-on?

Dive into our comprehensive Beginners HYROX Training Plan and get equipped with all the tools and knowledge you need to conquer the event. Whether you're aiming for that elite timing or simply wanting to finish with a personal best, our plans has got you covered. Start your HYROX journey with confidence today!


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