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Box Nutrition.
Sports Nutritionist.

Online Sports Nutritionist.

Are you a sportsman or sportswomen who is not quite making the most of your training?

Are you a little unsure about what and how you should be eating for your goals and sport?

Maybe you're looking for that extra edge?

Are you working towards a specific competition?

If any of that is true, Box Nutrition can help.


Box Nutrition helps recreational sportsmen and women understand what, and how to eat to help improve both performance and body composition.

Specialising in sports nutrition with a Masters Degree in sports and Exercise Nutrition, Box Nutrition is able to break down the often confusing science of nutrition, into an easy to understand framework that get results.

Metabolic Testing and Body composition analysis enables us to provide more accurate nutrition support by measuring key metrics rather than using calculations.


Test Your Body Composition

Using the premier body composition analyser, the InBody 270, we measure how much lean mass you have in each body segment, as well as segmental fat and visceral fat analysis. In conjunction with your metabolic data, this body composition analysis helps us to provide a unique nutritional plan and understand your protein and carbohydrate requirements based on your lean body mass.

Test Your Metabolism

From a simple RMR (resting metabolic rate test) we can measure exactly how many kcals you burn at rest. From this we can provide you with the number of kcals (how much food) you need for your goals.

The metabolism test is a simple test, which involves you sitting down and relaxing for 20mins. You breath into a mouth piece and using a metabolic cart, we measure the oxygen that you’re breathing in and the carbon dioxide that you’re breathing out. This ratio helps us determine how many kcals you burn at rest. This is called indirect calorimetry.

RMR testing_edited_edited.jpg

Combine with Testing


I'm currently not taking any 121 nutrition clients on.

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Jack Braniff MSc

Who are we?

My name is Jack Braniff and I help individuals improve their performance and the way they look through VO2Max testing, and more targeted nutrition and exercise.


I'm the founder of Box Nutrition and a registered sports nutritionist (SENr, BDA), have my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition and qualified personal trainer. I'm also a VDOT certified distance running coach and author of top rated sports nutrition book "Fuelling The Functional Athlete" which is available from Amazon.

My goal is to help recreational athletes like you perform better, look better and feel better. Whether your goal is  to compete in your chosen sport, or simply lose a few pounds, I can help you get there. 


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