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Why Knowing Your Thresholds Is Key To Determining Your Training Zones.

Training at different intensities brings about different responses, which is why understanding training zones is important to get the most from your training.

The problem is however, that there are many different ways to categorise your zones, which can be very confusing.

But it doesn't have to be.

When categorising your zones and don't think you need all 7, all we're really looking to do is make a distinction between an easy (Moderate) intensity, a middle of the road (Heavy) intensity, and a hard (Severe) intensity 💥

To do this, we simply need to pinpoint two thresholds.

  1. Ventilatory/lactate threshold 1

  2. Ventilatory/lactate threshold 2

🥇From Moderate > Heavy we use the first lactate/ventilatory/aerobic threshold. So the point at which you start producing more lactate (normally above 2mmol) and breathing a little heavier (blowing off more CO2). Knowing this point is important as you can establish where your endurance sessions should fall within.

🥈From Heavy > Severe we use the second lactate/ventilatory/anaerobic threshold, which is the tipping point before exercise becomes unsustainable (you can't carry on at this intensity for very long). Knowing this point is important as it helps us determine your interval pace/power.

This is why using just using a % of max heart rate/FTP/critical power/maximal aerobic power to find your zones will always be floored as you need to identify each one of these markers to zone correctly 👎

Through metabolic testing, we can help you understand where your thresholds lie, enabling you to build in sessions that bring about the best response 👍

i.e. If you need to work on base endurance, it's best done below your VT1. If you need to develop the 'function' of your mitochondria, it's best done in your VO2Max zone.

If you're interested in discovering your true zones (not the maximum heart rate nonsense) then check out to get booked in or shoot me a message 📧


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