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Understanding resting metabolic rate and weight loss

Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is how much energy your body needs at rest. So functions such as breathing, circulation and brain function.

Your resting metabolic rate is unique to you as factors such as age, weight, muscle mass, how old you are and weight will play a part in determining how many kcals you require.

If you can figure out your RMR out, you’ll then be able to develop a personalised weight loss programme and discover the faster way to support your body in losing weight.

This is because in order to lose weight, you have to create a kcal deficit. This means burning or using more energy than you’re consuming (eating).

How can you calculate your RMR?

You can calculate your RMR online, however these calculations are only estimations and will never be totally accurate. However, through our Resting Metabolism Test (RMR), we are able to accurately gauge how many kcals you should be eating and prescribe you with an accurate nutrition plan.

Interested to learn more?

Then click below and book your testing today: www.boxnutrition.co.uk/metabolic-testing

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