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Lose weight without counting kcals

As part of box squad I encourage people to track.

It's one of the best tools that quickly teaches you about what you are currently eating and what you should be eating.

But that's not to say that you have to.

I get it. Tracking is another thing to do, another stress to worry about let alone actually planning and thinking about what you should be eating.

You look at excel or your computer all day and the last thing you want to do search for foods when phone when you just want to eat your sandwich.

Which is fair enough.

You don’t want to track.

But you also want to lose weight.

Which still means eating less.

Whether it’s using portions, points, syns or reducing food groups, successful diets still adhere to this overriding principle.

Cutting back.

But that doesn't mean you have to follow a prescribed calorie deficit.

Like in the study I spoke about in "how to lose weight - what does science tell us"

They were not actually set a calorie target, yet the majority of participants were able to lose weight.

Instead, participants were able restrict calories by altering their food habits.

A kcal deficit was realised by simply educating participants on low carb or low fat foods and getting them to reduce these foods from their diet.

Weekly meetups with dietitians and nutritionists helped them understand the fundamentals of better eating which included eating more vegetables, eating more whole foods, avoiding adding extra sugar and reducing refined grains.

All in all, most participants achieved a 500 calorie deficit without being prescribed it, which is what we aim for when trying to work it out.

Leading to weight loss amongst most.

So even though you don’t need to track, what is important is at least educating yourself about the foods that you’re eating, better habits and get some help along the way.

Need more help?

Then see how we can help. Our coaching programmes provides accountability, as well as how a detailed plan of exactly what you need to do to reach your goals.


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