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The Generalist Programme

The Generalist Programme


This programme is ideal for athletes looking to improve their overall fitness. It incorporates a variety of training methods to help you build strength, improve endurance, and enhance mobility and flexibility.


Welcome to the Generalist Fitness plan, meticulously designed to cater to individuals seeking a balanced approach to fitness! This 12-week plan is precisely crafted to boost your strength and cardio through key lifts and associated conditioning workouts. By following this plan, you won't just improve your performance in lifting, but you'll also significantly enhance your overall fitness level. This plan features primary lifts, followed by cardio conditioning, all thoughtfully arranged to facilitate optimal fitness gains without risking injury or overtraining. Throughout the plan, you'll find detailed guidance on a diverse range of workouts, all structured to improve your strength and cardiovascular efficiency. This includes fundamental lifts and cardio intervals tailored for individuals seeking to balance strength and endurance. Whether your goal is general fitness, weight loss, or muscle tone, this plan covers it all.

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