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10K Hybrid Plan

10K Hybrid Plan


Are you an ambitious runner looking to level up your game and conquer the 10K distance like never before? Our Hybrid 10K Plan is designed to help you achieve just that! Experience a perfect blend of running workouts and strength training sessions tailored to enhance your running performance and overall fitness.


What's Included:

  • Comprehensive 12-week hybrid training plan combining running and strength workouts
  • Strength training exercises specifically designed for hybrid athletes
  • Easy-to-follow workout schedule with clear instructions and progress tracking
  • Access to a supportive community of fellow hybrid athletes
  • Suitable for intermediate athletes looking to level up their 10K performance whilst maintaining their strength and physique goals


The plan

The plan is 12 weeks long and includes 3 x weights sessions per week and 3-4 runs per week.


Who is is it suitable for?


The 10K Hybrid Plan is suitable for intermediate  runners who have some experience in running and strength training. It's designed for those who want to improve their 10K performance while maintaining and enhancing their strength and fitness. This plan is ideal for hybrid athletes looking to balance their running and strength training, or runners seeking a well-rounded fitness routine that incorporates the best of both worlds. If you're committed to pushing your limits and striving for a new personal best in the 10K distance, this plan is perfect for you.


Equipment needed


Barbell, dumbells, pull up bar, dip station

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