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What is Ignite?

3 Months To Take Break The Diet Cycle

Are you sick of yo-yo dieting? Fed up of restrictive diets?


We have the solution. Our Ignite programme is based on metabolism testing and nutrition coaching to help you finally break free from excessive low calorie diets and still lose fat. You’ll be able to eat more food and still lose weight – imagine that!


Imagine being able to wear your favourite clothes again, or better yet, imagine feeling confident in a bikini on the beach this summer. With our Ignite programme, that could be a reality for you.


We’re so confident in our programme that we offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results.

How Does It Work?

IGNITE uses a three pillar system.

Pillar 1 - Metabolic Testing

Test Don't Guess!


We use something called metabolic testing to help people like you finally break the diet cycle and eat normally without gaining weight.


Our metabolic testing service uses a combination of clinical tests and advanced technology to build nutrition and exercise plans that are tailored specifically for your unique metabolism. Unlike other coaches who simply guess your calories and macros and hope for the best or, macro calculators which are woefully inaccurate.


With our service, we will create a nutrition and exercise plan that is based on your individual needs so you can finally eat normally and achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

1. Test Your Metabolism

From a simple RMR (resting metabolic rate test) we can measure exactly how many kcals you burn at rest. From this we can provide you with the number of kcals (how much food) you need to help you lose weight, but most importantly how much you can eat without starving yourself! Who wouldn’t want to eat more food if they didn’t have to.

The metabolism test is a simple test, which involves you sitting down and relaxing for 20mins. You breath into a mouth piece and using a metabolic cart, we measure the oxygen that you’re breathing in and the carbon dioxide that you’re breathing out. This ratio helps us determine how many kcals you burn at rest. This is called indirect calorimetry. This is the gold standard for measuring calorie burn.

RMR testing_edited_edited.jpg

2. Test Your Body Composition

Using the premier body composition analyser, the InBody 270, we measure how much lean mass you have in each body segment, as well as segmental fat and visceral fat analysis. In conjunction with your metabolic data, this body composition analysis helps us to provide a unique nutritional plan and exercise regimen for you to optimise fat loss and muscle gain.

3. Test Your Active Calorie and Fat Burn

Don't be scared by this part! This simple test helps us measure how many kcals you burn (accurately) and your fat burning capability, which shows us the most efficient way for you to lose fat and get fit. We can also use this test to help design an exercise plan based on your specific heart rate data and current fitness level.

Ignite metabolism testing_edited.jpg
Fat burning VO2Max

What is the Fitness Test?

The Fat Max or VO2 test is a simple exercise test performed on a treadmill or bike, where the speed or resistance increases gradually until you can’t exercise any longer.


The speed is based on your fitness level and can be done either walking or running. You do NOT need to be fit to do this test.

During the test, you will be wearing a mask connected to the metabolic cart. The metabolic cart will analyse the oxygen you breathe in and the carbon dioxide you are breathing out. You will also be wearing a heart rate monitor to gather as much information as possible about your health and fitness. 

From the data, we can accurately assess your calorie and fat burn during activity, as well as being able provide you with exercise sessions to help supercharge both your fitness and fat loss.

Fat loss testing.jpg
Pillar 2 - Metabolic Priming

Fortunately you can't break your metabolism, but past and present diet, exercise, lifestyle choices and behaviours will bend and mould it to either help, or hinder your progress.

This is where pillar 2 comes in - Metabolic Priming. This 3 phased approach helps you avoid the 'race to the bottom' diet culture and instead, focuses on building you up and priming your body to burn fat instead of storing it.

Phase 1 - The Reset

Phase 1 is the reset phase, which helps restore your metabolic rate to normal. During this time we help rediscover your energy levels, improve your training and support your health.

Exercise will be heavily based around getting you stronger and managing your NEAT/cardio correctly. This will be tailored to your current situation and exercise history.


Phase 2 - The Cut

After a second RMR test, a new 12 week fat loss phase will help implement a sustainable deficit that helps improve the way you look and doesn't compromise your metabolism. This helps you eat the most amount possible so you can still lose weight and not feel deprived.

This is when the intensity will ramp up and you will begin to see the fruits of your labour.

Phase 3 - Maintain

At this stage of the programme, the goal is to move away from tracking and be more intuitive with your eating. You should also now have found an exercise regime that has become part of your daily routine.

Pillar 3 - Accountability And Support

The key part of Ignite's success is access to your own nutrition and exercise coach. We understand that the data isn't enough, which is why your coach will act as your accountability to keep you on track and ensure you keep moving towards your goals

Understanding metabolism and how it affects your weight loss goals goes beyond just creating a calorie deficit and setting some macros. This is where coaching comes in. Your nutrition coach will not only help you understand how your metabolism works, but they will also be able to provide nutritional guidance and create a nutrition plan that is tailored specifically for you – taking into account your unique metabolism and factors that could be affecting it.


The nutrition element of the programme combines focusing on key drivers such as calories and macros, but also habits that form the foundations for long term success. These include hitting fibre, water and micronutrient targets, understanding about portions, balancing meals, learning how to control cravings or how to prep properly for the week.

Your coach is there to help you to find a setup that suits your lifestyle, to make it as easy as possible to stick to your plan.


The activity part of Ignite factors in your testing results and exercise history, so we put together an activity plan that is based on your individual needs. More is NOT always better. Depending on your results and preference, this may favour my weights, more cardio or even just walking.


Ignite is all about results. This is why as part of the programme you have a number touch points with your coach to ensure you stay on track. These include weekly diary checks, bi-weekly check in calls and a in person check in 2 3 months into the programme.

Jack Braniff.jpg

Jack Braniff

  • Masters degree in exercise nutrition

  • Over 1000 metabolic tests completed

  • High-end testing equipment also used in university labs and hospitals

  • 10 years of coaching experience

Why Work With Us?

My name is Jack Braniff  and I'm the founder of Box Nutrition and Performance.

The problem with nutrition and fat loss, is that there's almost too much information out there, which can make it incredibly difficult to know what to do! Having my Masters in exercise nutrition, I am able to breakdown the confusing science of nutrition into a clear action plan that gets results. I believe that true weight loss comes from making lifelong changes, not just from following a strict diet for a few weeks. 

I've been in the industry for over 10 years and helped 100's of men and women get results, as well completing over 1000 metabolic tests. I follow long term approach with my clients, helping them achieve a positive relationship with food and their bodies without sugar coating the facts of how to lose weight.

Let's chat >> Drop me an email at if you have any qs!

Who is it for?

IGNITE is a fat loss programme specifically for those who:

  • Want to look and feel their best and get in awesome shape in 2023

  • Want to finally break the Yo Yo diet cycle

  • Want to eat more than 1200 calories without gaining weight

  • Want a plan that is unique to them and their individual needs

  • Are after more guidance with your training and nutrition

  • Want to improve your sleep and feel more energised

  • Don't want cut out all carbs

  • Not interested in cleanses or quick fixes

  • Want a sustainable diet that will lead to lasting change

Real People - Real Results

Results Matter.

Guaranteed Fat Loss - Some of our recent results


Find us.

Where are situated in Birmingham, UK

We are situated the between Wylde Green and Erdington in Birmingham (B24 0DE), just 10-15mins walk from Wylde Green Station..

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