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Why it's more than just how much you eat!

As well as the amount of food, you have to consider the type of food to when getting in shape as this will also have a huge impact on how well you do. But why?

1. Volume of food – Think about the volume of the food as well as the kcal content – Google what does a 100kcals look like and you’ll see how it can be easier to over consume certain foods

2. Fibre – fibre slows down digestion and helps with satiety. It also keeps the gut healthy improving your ability to digest and absorb food properly

3. Satiety – Foods higher in protein and fibre will keep you fuller for longer acting as an automatic kcal control method 4. Thermic effect – the body uses kcals to digest and absorb food which is called TEF (thermic effect of feeding). Protein has a higher TEF than fat and carbs where it takes more kcals to use. 5. Micronutrient values (to help bodily functions) – when your cells function properly, you function properly. A healthy body is a better body!

There’s more:-

- Health implications of processed foods - The effect it has on hormones - Ability to exercise – energy, fuel, concentration - Ability to get the results from exercising (build muscle, ‘tone’) - Ability to recover from exercise - Gut health (proving to have a greater impact on overall health than we once thought)

The list goes on, which are the reasons why I favour type of food over solely the amount.


You need to look at both perspectives when looking to lose weight.

On one hand being mindful of how much you’re eating and ensuring you’re in an energy deficit (either counting, portion control or mindful eating).

And on the other you need to consider the type of food (macro and micronutrients) to make losing weight easier, to get your body functioning properly and to be healthy.

Need a little help this, make sure you pre-register for the 90 day challenge starting in September. Enrolment opens 26th August.


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