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The forgotten, but easy strategy to help with weight loss

Are you considering NEAT?

Take the dog for a walk!

If someone were to ask you about the importance of your steps, or daily activities compared to your training sessions no fat loss, my guess is that you’d probably poo poo it. I know I used to, but did you know that this type of energy expenditure; none exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT - subconscious movement calorie expenditure) and None exercise physical activity levels (NEPA - intentional movement that doesn’t include formal exercise), can vary HUGELY between people.

In fact it can make upto 2000cals difference between people of a similar size!! (See study below).

That’s how much an average man needs to eat!

Which is why you need to take note.

Simple things like walking to the shops, to work or taking the stairs can have a profound effect on fat loss over time.

From experience, it's not just the gym, but people who are generally more active tend to be leaner.

On the flip-side, if you have an active job (manual labour) and can't put on weight, it's something you also need to consider.

This is why although not terribly accurate, the use of a fitness wearable can be beneficial when trying to calculate your energy expenditure for the day 👍 Or, 'guestimate' by multiplying your BMR by an activity factor.

For more help with this, then get a starting point with our calculator, or if you wanted to be exact then metabolic testing can provide you with a better starting point.

So, don’t neglect the power of walking! Start by walking a little further to get your lunch, walk around at work, take the stairs, walk to the shops or join a walking group! The point is to be more active, this type of activity OUTSIDE of the gym may have a profound effect on your weight loss efforts.

Need more help, then make sure you register for the next challenge


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