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How to lose weight. What does science tell us?

Weight loss Box

A recent study (link at bottom) looked at various other studies on obesity management to look at behavioural, psychological and environmental determinants of weight loss.

Strong evidence

*The percentage indicates what the proportion of the studies helped weight loss:

  1. Monitoring weight (85%) - weigh yourself (so much for binning the sad step….)

  2. Monitoring what you eat (75%) - track your food

  3. Increase fruit and veg (83%) - obviously

  4. Reduced sugar in drinks (juice, coffee, tea) (80%) - be careful of added sugar

  5. Conscious effort to reduce the amount you eat (85%) - quantity not just quality

  6. Follow portion control (75%) - think about what you ea

  7. tConscious effort to reduce unhealthy food (88%) - It’s not just about IIFYM

  8. Swap carbohydrates for protein (100%) - high protein diets work

A couple of things that had an adverse effect:

  1. Using a meal replacement shake - drop the shake diets.

  2. Eating out

Use science to help build a pattern of what works, not what your friend says. From the above it’s obvious that a combination of eating the right amounts, the right types and following a few proven practices will help you with your weight loss efforts.

This is exactly what we do at Box Nutrition.

  1. Help you implement a number of habits

  2. Works out your numbers and helps you adjust them. Gives you the tools to eat well forever.

  3. Box Squad is simply a tool to get you to a point where you can do it yourself moving forward, not necessarily a long term commitment.

Get in touch to see how we can help -


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