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How Terry Lost Over 40lbs with Metabolic Testing

Welcome to Terry's story, who achieved incredible results with metabolic testing and our coaching programme Ignite. Through hard work and dedication, Terry has lost over 40lbs (and counting) in just a few months. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Terry achieved this transformation. We’ll also discuss the power of metabolic testing, and how it can be used to unlock your own weight loss potential.

What is Metabolic Testing?

Metabolic testing is a powerful tool for understanding your body’s unique needs. By measuring a range of physiological variables – such as breathing rate, heart rate and oxygen levels – metabolic testing can provide insight into how efficiently you burn calories and how to best optimise your diet for weight loss. Metabolic testing can also help to identify any potential health issues and potential areas for improvement with your fitness. As a result, it’s an invaluable tool for weight loss and overall health.

How Metabolic Testing Helped Terry Lose 40+lbs:

Metabolic testing played a vital role in Terry’s successful weight loss journey. The first test we did was an RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) test which established we needed around 2500 calories at rest. To achieve a 0.5-1% weight loss per week we started with 2000 calories, which enabled us to create a calorie deficit while still ensuring that he was getting all the necessary nutrients without feeling deprived!

To increase Terry's calorie deficit and to improve his cardiovascular health and fitness, we included some low intensity cardio at Terry's top of zone 2, circled below. This was a heart rate of around 130bpm. This is a none stressful way to improve fitness and get Terry moving, something which he really enjoyed.

We also included 2 x weights sessions per week to help maintain muscle mass. These were tailored to Terry's ability and preference and got progressively harder over the 4 month programme.

After 16 weeks Terry came in for retesting. His RMR had dropped to 2000 calories which is expected due to the drop in weight (there's less of him!) and the 16 week diet cycle. This highlights the importance of the re-test to understand when we need to why we will do a maintenance phase to build things back up before entering a new fat loss phase.

A phased approach to dieting

For long term success with your diet, it is critical that you phase your diet. Spending too long in a calorie deficit will cause a drop in your metabolic rate and increase in hunger. This is why you must implement maintenance phases where you increase your calories between diet cycles. This helps restore hunger hormones (leptin, ghrelin), gives you a psychological break from dieting as well as giving you a chance to focus on strength and fitness.

The Benefits of Coaching for Weight Loss:

In addition to the results of his metabolic tests, Terry also benefited from our coaching. As part of the coaching platform we were able to monitor what Terry was eating as well as his movement. His training programme was uploaded to the online platform where he was able to follow along without the worry of knowing what to do!

This also helped us provide advice and motivation to help keep Terry on track with his weight loss goals.

Have you thought about metabolic testing or coaching for your weight loss goals?

As you can see, the combination of metabolic testing and coaching enabled Terry to achieve these cracking results. And this is just the start! We look forward to seeing where Terry’s journey takes him next.

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to lose weight, consider metabolic testing and or a coach. With the right combination of knowledge and motivation, you can unlock your body’s true potential and transform your life.

If you're interested in metabolic testing or coaching, get in touch today to see how we can help.


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