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Crafting Your HYROX Training Week: The Ultimate Guide to Peak Performance

Hyrox Training Plan Week

Welcome back to our series on crafting the ultimate HYROX training plan. In part one, we delved into the foundational principles that drive effective HYROX training, Box:Perform's unique triad - Endurance, Strength, and Movement Economy. In this post we'll guide you through constructing your weekly training regimen. Whether you're hitting the gym three times a week or dedicating five or more sessions to your HYROX ambitions, we've got you covered. Let's break down how each component of our triad translates to specific training objectives, and how these objectives further adapt according to your training frequency and the periodisation phase you're in.

The Hyrox Triad

The Box performance Hyrox Triad: A Quick Recap

In the world of HYROX, mastering three core domains—Endurance, Strength, and Movement Economy is crucial for peak performance. Let's delve into what each of these means:


  1. VO2 Max: Your body's capacity to use oxygen, crucial for sustained effort.

  2. Lactate Threshold: The intensity you can maintain over an extended period without fatigue.

  3. Running Economy: How efficiently you use energy while running.


  1. Absolute Strength: The maximum amount of force exerted irrespective of body weight.

  2. Strength Speed: Your ability to move a heavy load quickly.

  3. Speed Strength: Your capacity to move a lighter load with speed.

Movement Economy:

Efficiency in movement across all domains, which plays a pivotal role especially when transitioning between different types of exercise during a HYROX event.

By understanding and training these aspects diligently, you can tailor a HYROX training plan that not only enhances your performance but also minimises your weaknesses.

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Hyrox Tracking Dashboard

Structuring Your HYROX Training Week: 3-Day, 5-Day, and More

Once you've grasped the core elements within the Box Perform’s Hyrox triad, the next step is to apply these principles in a practical training regimen. Here's how you can structure your HYROX training week based on whether you train 3, 5, or even more days a week:

Box Perform's Hyrox 3-Day Training Split

  • Day 1: Strength + Conditioning (Ski erg or area of weakness)

  • Day 2: HYROX Session

  • Day 3: Running Focus

Box Perform's Hyrox 5 -Day Training Split (6th day optional)

Option 1: Upper-Lower Strength Split

  • Monday: Lower Strength

  • Tuesday: Running Intervals

  • Wednesday:Upper Strength

  • Thursday:Rest or Optional Active Recovery

  • Friday: HYROX Specific Workout

  • Saturday: Long Run

  • Sunday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

Option 2: Two Full-Body Strength Sessions

  • Monday: Full-body Strength

  • Tuesday: Running Intervals

  • Wednesday: Full-body Strength

  • Thursday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

  • Friday: HYROX Specific Workout

  • Saturday: Long Run

  • Sunday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

In line with the periodisation plan we've discussed, the week's training structure would be modulated based on the phase of training you're in: Off-Season, Intensification Phase, or Pre-Competition Phase.

Here's how the 5-day training plan could be tweaked:

Off-Season (General Physical Preparedness)

  • Monday: General Lower Body Strength

  • Tuesday: Aerobic Running

  • Wednesday: General Upper Body Strength

  • Thursday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

  • Friday: General Conditioning

  • Saturday: Long Aerobic Run

  • Sunday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

Intensification Phase

  • Monday: Lower Strength (Focus on heavier loads, fewer reps)

  • Tuesday: VO2Max Intervals or Threshold Running

  • Wednesday: Upper Strength (Heavier loads, fewer reps)

  • Thursday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

  • Friday: HYROX Simulation Workout (Begin making workouts more HYROX-specific)

  • Saturday: Long Run

  • Sunday:Rest or Optional Active Recovery

Pre-Competition Phase

  • Monday: Strength-Speed (Lighter loads moved quickly)

  • Tuesday: High-Intensity Running Intervals (Specific to race demands)

  • Wednesday: Speed-Strength (Heavier loads moved quickly)

  • Thursday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

  • Friday: HYROX Specific Workout (Highly specific to the competition)

  • Saturday: Tapered Long Run or Race Simulation

  • Sunday: Rest or Optional Active Recovery

Then, you'd typically have a 1-2 week taper period before the competition where you'd maintain intensity but reduce volume.

Conclusion & what next?

In conclusion, a well-structured HYROX training plan is more than just a series of workouts; it's a meticulously designed journey that evolves with you through the year. From building foundational strength and aerobic capacity to fine-tuning your abilities for race-specific demands, every element plays a crucial role in your overall performance.

Get more support

If you're inspired to take your HYROX training to the next level, don't miss the opportunity to sign up for our HYROX Programme. Tailored to prepare you for peak performance, this plan integrates strength, conditioning, and skill work, setting you up for success in your upcoming HYROX events.

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