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Box Nutrition Presents:
Unlock the Science of Losing 12-16lbs Per Month: Free Presentation Inside

The ultimate, science-backed approach to sustainable weight loss.

Ready to Transform Your Weight Loss Journey?

Unlock the Science of Losing 12-16lbs Per Month by Entering Your Details Below.

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What You'll Learn

1. Unlock the Secrets of Your Metabolism to Accelerate Weight Loss

  • Work With It, Not Against It: Learn how to harness the power of your metabolism to lose weight more efficiently.

  • Common Mistakes: Understand why you might be getting it wrong and what you can do to set things right.

  • Evidence-based Insights: I'll break down the science for you, so you know exactly how your metabolism contributes to weight loss.

2. Master the Caloric Deficit

  • Debunking Myths: Dispel common myths about calorie counting and learn why some approaches fail while others succeed.

  • The Ideal Deficit: Get insights into creating a caloric deficit that is sustainable and ensures you lose weight without harming your progress.

3. Proven Strategies to Guarantee Weight Loss

  • The Process: Discover the exact process I use with hundreds of clients to guarantee weight loss.

  • Science-backed: Every strategy and recommendation is rooted in scientific research, so you can trust that it's effective.

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About Your Presenter
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👋 Hi, I'm Jack Braniff, Founder of Box Nutrition and Performance.

🎓 Master's in Exercise Nutrition: In an industry rife with misinformation, my educational background enables me to distill complex nutritional science into actionable plans that deliver real results.

📚 Over a Decade in the Industry: With more than 10 years of experience, I've helped hundreds of men and women transform their lives through informed nutritional choices.


🔬 A Data-Driven Approach: I've conducted over 1,000 metabolic tests, using this valuable data to craft effective, tailored nutrition plans for my clients.


🌱 A Sustainable Philosophy: I don't believe in quick fixes. I follow a long-term approach that fosters a positive relationship with food and body, all while not sugar-coating the hard facts about weight loss.

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