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Mastering Hybrid Training:The Ultimate Hybrid & Hyrox Training Bundle

Ultimate Hybrid & Hyrox Training Bundl

Ready to Upgrade Your Training? Get Your FREE Hybrid & Hyrox Training Bundle Now!

We've gathered our top tools and resources to help you excel in Hybrid and Hyrox training. Uncover the secrets to achieving strength, endurance, and optimum performance!

Enter your details below to get your FREE Hybrid & Hyrox Training Bundle!"

What's Included:

  1. Free Training Programme: Experience the effectiveness of a structured Hybrid & Hyrox training programme with our free sample plan.

  2. Hyrox specific conditioning bundle: Specially curated conditioning workouts designed with the unique demands of Hyrox in mind.

  3. Macronutrient Calculator: Your nutrition, personalised! Use this tool to calculate your ideal macronutrient split for weight loss or performance. Remember, it's a great starting point, but there's no substitute for individual assessment.

  4. Heart Rate Zones Calculator: Take the guesswork out of your cardio training! Use this tool to identify your unique heart rate zones for effective and efficient training.

  5. Running Playbook: Get access to key strategies, tips, and workouts that will take your running performance to the next level!

  6. Supplement Guide: Confused about supplements? Our guide will help you understand what supplements can benefit your training and how to use them effectively.

  7. Exclusive One-Time Offer: Enjoy a special 15% discount on your first personalised programming session via our app! This is the perfect chance to further personalise your training and tap into your full potential.

Free bundle
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Hi there, 

I'm Jack

Hey there, I'm Jack, founder of Box:Perform and your personal guide on this hybrid training journey.👋

Having been a fitness coach and athlete myself for over 15 years, I know the trials and tribulations of the fitness world like the back of my hand.💪 When I first embraced hybrid training, I found myself lost in a maze of performance metrics, training methodologies, and fitness trackers. It felt like finding my way through a labyrinth!

Over the years, I've worked closely with numerous HYROX athletes, conducting VO2Max and lactate tests and providing tailored nutritional advice. I've seen first-hand how conventional training advice can fall short, lacking scientific grounding and leading to confusion and stagnation.🤯

It struck a chord with me. The struggle was real - and it sparked a mission inside me.

Armed with a Master's Degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and a certification as a VDOT Running Coach, I decided to bring about a change - a revolution in hybrid training. I wanted to create a programme that takes the guesswork out of training and makes it a science-backed, data-driven process. And that's how Box:Perform by Box Nutrition & Performance was born.🔬🏋️‍♂️

So here I am, dedicated to helping you cut through the clutter, to train smarter and hit your fitness goals - whether that's getting fitter, stronger, or faster. Let's navigate this journey together!

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