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16 Week 1/2 Marathon Plan - Intermediate

16 Week 1/2 Marathon Plan - Intermediate


Welcome to your custom half marathon running plan, meticulously designed for intermediate runners!


If you've already conquered a 10K or have consistent running experience, this 16-week plan is perfect to take you to the next level. This regimen focuses on boosting your endurance, efficiency, and speed, all tailored towards helping you excel in a half marathon race. It integrates various types of workouts, from easy and recovery runs to interval and long-distance runs, with tempo and progression runs interspersed.


Each workout type contributes differently to your performance, enhancing your overall running abilities. As you embark on this plan, you'll experience a gradual yet impactful progression week-on-week, pushing your limits while ensuring sufficient rest and recovery.


his plan embodies the principles of consistency, progressive overload, and varied training stimuli to keep you motivated and ward off overtraining. So, lace up those running shoes and brace yourself for a transformative journey! Every step you take brings you closer to your half marathon goal, and we're here to support you throughout this thrilling journey.

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