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Making Adjustments to your plan

For weight loss

1. Reduce your starting calorie intake by 5-10%

So if your starting figure was 2500, this would mean you reduce your calories by 125-250 calories per day (2500*0.05=125) (2500*0.1=250).

2. Keep protein the same. This is the macronutrient that helps keep and build muscle and helps keep us full so it’s s no-brainer to keep it high.
3. Reduce your calories from fat and carbohydrates - It does not matter too much what ratio we choose here and will come down to personal preference. I would recommend a 50:50 even split, however a higher carb diet will favour those performing more exercise.
4. Ensure you do not reduce fat to below of bodyweight per day.

5. Use the calculator below to help make the adjustments.

Then continue with the process of taking your measurements and photos weekly, and your average weight for the week. If there’s still no progress then take another 5-10% off your calories.

For weight gain

If your goal is weight gain and you’re not seeing any change. Increase your calories by 5-10%. Use the same rules as above and keep protein constant, adjust your calories from carbs and fat and ensure you keep your daily fat targets above of bodyweight per day.

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