Performance Box.

The supplement pack for functional fitness

What We Do.

Performance Box is the supplement pack for the competitive fitness athlete.


Each box contains 4 weeks supply of everything you need to improve strength, speed, lean mass, power, work capacity and recovery.


 Stripping things back, Performance Box provides only supplements that have been PROVEN to enhance your training and performance. We do not believe in over marketed products with grossly exaggerated claims, but only single ingredient supplements that really work.


Convenient. Affordable. Results driven

What's In The Box.


Our caffeine tablets are an effective way to boost your WOD's and reduce fatigue. Caffeine has shown to improve performance in a number of different activities including endurance and high-intensity exercise (1, 2, 3, 4), making a great addition for the competitive fitness athlete. Caffeine exerts a greater effect when consumed in an anhydrous state (like our tablets) as compared to coffee (5).


Creatine monohydrate is the most effective performance enhancing supplement currently available to athletes in terms of increasing high-intensity work capacity and lean body mass during training (6). Creatine has been shown to increase strength, power and fat free mass (7, 8). It may also benefit high intensity exercise and even endurance training (9), making it a perfect fit for many power and endurance based sports.

Beta Alanine.

Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid needed for the synthesis of carnosine, a compound that acts as a buffer to muscle acidosis during high exercise, which helps reduce fatigue (10). Beta alanine supplementation has been shown to increase concentrations and improve performance in a number of high intensity activities between 1-4 minutes and up to 9 minutes (11) making it a great addition for athletes.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline malate may be used to reduce the feeling of fatigue, increased ATP (energy) production and also increase arginine levels which in turn increase nitric oxide. This may support anaerobic activities and sports with short rest periods. However, although the literature is promising, it is still not strong enough to guarantee an improvement. This is why unless you have already dialled in your nutrition or are seeking for that extra 1% increase in performance, this should not be on top of your list of supplements to buy.

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Vitamin D3

Synthesised by sunlight, vitamin D helps calcium absorption and is key for maintaining good bone health. A recent surge in research has also highlighted the correlation between vitamin D and injury prevention, muscular function, muscle growth, reduced inflammation, and decreased risk of illness (Nutrition and Athletic Performance 2015).

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Beta Alanine


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Citrulline Malate


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Vitamin D3


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