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Performance and metabolic testing

By using state of the art equipment, physiological testing helps us use scientific data to accurately implement a nutrition strategy completely bespoke to you as an individual whether your goal is weight loss, body composition or performance.

This testing removes any guesswork from developing a nutrition plan and helps guide your nutrition programming.

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Get the Book

Fuelling the Functional Athlete

Fuelling the functional athlete is the perfect starting place for any recreational athlete or gym goer to understand how to implement their diet. This book guides you through the key elements to plan and implement a successful diet to help both how you perform, and how you look.

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Nutrition Coaching

Box Perform

The Box Coaching Programme ​provides you with all the tools to help you improve your diet so you can perform your best.

Our plans include

  • Full kcal and macro breakdowns

  • Tailored macro meal plans for workout and none 

  • Huge online resource and recipe selection

  • Access to member site and private community

  • Follow up and check-in sessions

  • Optional exercise programming

To find out more and to discuss the different options available, either call us now  on 0121 389 8923  to see which option is right for you or book your free  strategy call by clicking below.

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Join our free run club!

WALMLEY:RUN:CLUB (#WRC) is a running club for recreational runners, who need a little support and direction with their training.


Anyone who runs is a runner, which is why our run club is for anybody who wants  to run. So whether you're a running newbie or a seasoned athlete, we have a plan for you.

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