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The Running Playbook walks you through each of the key fundamentals of running performance, and how to improve them.


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ENDURE:RUN:CLUB (#ERC) is a running club (and virtual!) for recreational runners, who need a little support and direction with their training.


Providing meet ups, team training, an array of running plans, nutrition guidance and discounted metabolic testing, E:R:C is perfect for the runner that needs some structure and progression with their training.

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what's included?

E:R:C is more than just a running plan. E:R:C was put together to give recreational runners a platform to help support all of their running needs. This includes run programming, community, access to discounted VO2Max testing, nutrition support and example strength and conditioning plans.


As part of E:R:C, you get access to weekly team training or you can follow along one of our prebuilt training plans more suited to your goal, whether that's your first 5k or a half marathon.

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E:R:C is launch our very own run club in Walmley, Sutton Coldfield. E:R:C is a registered run club through UK athletics and our leader, Jack is a qualified UK athletics leader too.

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Try E:R:C free for 7 days.


Sign up now and get access to Team E:R:C completely free of charge for 7 days. Cancel at any point.



E:R:C members also get 10% off the Box Endure VO2Max testing


By using state of the art equipment, VO2Max testing enables us to analyse your data and provide you with the most accurate nutrition and training recommendations completely bespoke to your individual requirements.


It also enables us to pinpoint your training zones (how hard to push) and highlight how to fuel your sessions.

2. progressive:programming

Our 12 week Traffic Light and Foundation programmes help you progress systematically through our process. Develop both mileage and intensity so that you will be ready for any distance.

Receive your workouts as part of a phone application and PDF, which can also be uploaded to your Garmin device. We also provide you with targeted paces based on your current fitness levels so you know exactly how fast to push on each of your sessions

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Endure Academy gives you access to an ever expanding resource section on all things training and nutrition. Get access to our exercise playbook, meal plans, recipe selections, strength and conditioning workouts, live Q@A's and workouts and the group forum. All part of a phone application.

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The Box Endure Member Hub is your resource centre and knowledge hub.


Our Different plans


Team training is our group sessions, which include 2 x quality (hills/speed/intervals) sessions per week and one longer run at the weekend with additional easy sessions to add into the week.


You can of course choose to follow along or not!

challenge 10k

Challenge 10k is a 16 week programme which is designed to develop your speed and endurance to help with your 10k times.

Amber PLAN

The Amber Plan is designed to prepare you for all races up to 1/2 marathon, as well as the fitness to lead into a good marathon plan.


Totalling around 40-50 miles per week, The Amber Plan is spread over 5 key days with the option to add in a couple of extra easy runs.


If you’re new to running and have no idea about where to start, the Foundations Plan could be perfect for you.


By combining a mixture of walking and running, this 8 week programme (option to extend) is designed to help beginners build up to comfortably being able to run for 30mins without stopping.

Team marathon

Coming soon. Team marathon will be a 16 week team programme focusing on the marathon.

red PLAN

The Red Plan is designed to develop a complete runner ready for any distance and intensity.

The Red Plan is split over 6 sessions and extends beyond 60 miles per week.

If you find the intensity too much, I can move you on to the Amber plan

challenge 5k

The 5k Challenge is an 12 week programme which focuses on developing all aspects of running fitness, specifically designed to develop your 5k time.


Get access to your programme as part of an application which can be synced with your garmin device. 

green PLAN

The Green Plan introduces you to variety of different intensities and paces preparing for distances up to 10k.


Combining various interval sessions, easy work, strides and a long run, this plan builds you up from 20 miles (30km) per week with the option to add in 1-2 extra easy runs.

Frequently asked questions

How much is it?

Run club is £20 per month, which can be cancelled at anytime. You can also trial Team E:R:C free for 7 days. If you wanted personalised programming it's £20per week.

Is the programming tailored to me?

Team training is not, however you get access to a choice of running plans suited to your ability, or you can follow along the team training which inlcudes 2 x quality sessions per week and a long run. These are of course all optional. A description of the pre built running plans can be found on this page. The tailored programme is tailored to you and your ability yes.

I am training for a marathon, will this help me?

Team E:R:C does't currently have a prebuilt marathon plan setup but this is in the pipeline to be added in the future. We do however offer our traffic light plans that will help you with your build. Our tailored programming does include marathon programming.

How does the metabolic testing work?

E:R:C members get 15% off VO2Max testing, which can be used to help maximise your running. We can pinpoint your training zones and identify areas for you to improve. Find out more about testing here > https://www.boxnutrition.co.uk/endure

Do you offer any nutrition support

Yes, as part of the Endure app we have a library of content that includes recipes, fuelling strategies and recipes.



My name is Jack Braniff and I help individuals improve their performance and the way they look through VO2Max testing, and more targeted nutrition and exercise.


I'm the founder of Box Nutrition and a registered sports nutritionist (SENr, BDA), have my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition and qualified personal trainer. I'm also a VDOT certified distance running coach and author of top rated sports nutrition book "Fuelling The Functional Athlete" which is available from Amazon.

My goal is to help recreational athletes like you perform better, look better and feel better. Whether your goal is  to compete in your chosen sport, or simply lose a few pounds, I can help you get there. 


Jack Braniff MSc

bda sports nutrition