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Long form V02Max Testing Voucher - Metabolic EfficiencyTest

Long form V02Max Testing Voucher - Metabolic EfficiencyTest


This voucher  entitles you to a Long form VO2Max Test (metabolic efficiency test).


The long form VO2 profile is a longer protocol which is better for individuals more interested in a pinpointing their training zones rather than their VO2 max score, or complete in ultra distance events. The long form VO2 analysis involves a step test where every 3-5 minutes the speed or watts will be increased. This helps us better identify your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. After reaching your anaerobic threshold, you have a rest for 5mins before completing a ramp test to measure your VO2Max.


Once  you purchase your voucher, please email info@boxnutrition.co.uk with your order number to book your test.


What's included:


  • Consultation and diet history questionnaire

  • Metabolic efficiency test

  • Thresholds (Aerobic and Anaerobic ) and personalised training zones provided

  • Analysis report and debrief session