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Unlock Your Peak Physical Performance 

Precision Metabolic Testing & Tailored Coaching

Optimise Performance 
Refine Your Physique
Fine Tune Your Diet

Seeking a Smarter Way to Boost Performance?

Struggling to balance your health and fitness with your busy schedule 
Lacking the energy and vigour you had in your 20's?
You don't look good in a t-shirt anymore or worried about taking your top off?
Unlock your success strategy: Personalised metabolic testing and coaching, tailored to you

Defining Performance on Your Terms

From conquering mountains to mastering endurance, looking better in your clothes, to rediscovering vitality in your life —our clients' victories are as varied as their ambitions. What does performance mean to you? Discover how we can tailor your journey to peak performance, whatever your summit may be.


Get clear on your body's needs and know exactly what to eat and do to with a personalised nutrition and exercise plan. 


Look good, feel good and perform at your best. 


Achieve peak performance with strategies designed for men with limited time.

The Box Performance Index (BPI)

The Box Performance Index (BPI) is a quantifiable measure assessing your cardiovascular fitness, body composition, and lifestyle habits. This enables us to create highly personalised nutrition and exercise programmes that precisely meet your needs, guiding you towards achieving peak performance and optimal health. 

Optimal performance

Tailored fat loss strategies

Optimised muscle building

Precision body recomposition.

Jack Braniff, Owner of Box Nutrition & Performance 

Scientifically-backed, metabolism-based nutrition and exercise strategies

For men over 30 who want to rediscover their strength, vitality, and confidence

Proven results with the latest metabolic testing technology 

Plans by Top Rated Author of Fuelling the Functional Athlete Jack Braniff, MSC

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How It Works

in 3 simple steps...


Conduct our BPI assessment - (VO2Max & metabolism), body composition & lifestyle evaluation.


Design personalised training and nutrition plans based on your test results.


Implement your custom plan to elevate performance, energy, and well-being.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is metabolic testing,?

Metabolic testing involves assessing an individual's metabolic rate and exercise efficiency, providing crucial insights into how their body processes energy. For executives and business leaders, understanding their metabolic profile is vital for optimising energy levels, managing stress, and enhancing overall performance.

How is the programme delivered

The programme begins with an initial in-person testing session at our facility or in the comfort of your own home, depending on your preference and location. Subsequent sessions are conducted online through our training app and via phone consultations. This hybrid approach allows for flexibility and convenience while ensuring personalized support and guidance throughout your journey.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the test?

To ensure your metabolism test is accurate you need to make sure you don't eat anything, or drink coffee 4-5hrs prior to your test. You also can't do any vigorous exercise for 12hrs before your test.

How are you plans personalised

Personalised plans take into account your unique metabolic profile, fitness goals, and lifestyle factors. By tailoring training and nutrition strategies to you unique needs, we can help you improve endurance, mental clarity, and resilience, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and success in all aspects of your life.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

We tailor make all of our nutrition plans based on your dietary intolerances and/or requirements. It's suitable for all diet types.

How much is the programme

Our performance coaching programme starts at £250 per month for a 3-month duration. Is this investment aligned with your commitment to reaching your current goals?

Is it suitable for individuals with busy schedules

Yes, the programme is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of executives and business leaders like you. Plans can be tailored to fit into busy lifestyles, with flexible training options and practical nutrition strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into daily routines.

How long is the programme

The minimum commitment for our coaching programme is 3 months. This duration is necessary to implement and sustain lifestyle changes effectively, enabling participants to achieve meaningful results. We believe in the importance of long-term commitment to realise lasting improvements in health and performance.

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