Our Approach

Our goal at Box is to help you improve how you perform, how you look and how you feel. What makes us different, is that we understand building a diet that works for you takes time. Anybody can give you a meal plan, but what we do at Box, is help you implement changes that will last with you forever. This will be the last diet plan you will ever need.


Our coaching is a reactive process, which means getting you setup on a framework that suits you and then adjusting it based on how well you’re doing. Using regular communication with your coach, we look at performance, physical changes and wellbeing scores to help you continue to see progress towards your goal.

How does Box Nutrition work?

The Box Framework

Box Nutrition is based on a three step formula, which takes you the different stages of improving your diet. Whether your goal is to perform at the highest level or simply low a few lbs, this process takes all the guesswork out of finding an approach that works for you.

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Step 1 - Habit stacking

One of the fundamentals of the Box Programme is to implement a number of habits that build the foundations of a better diet.


If you struggle with tracking, or still find it difficult to grasp the ins and outs of what good nutrition is, these simple habits enable you focus on one or two things at one given time. As you begin to tick off these habits, your diet begins to take shape.


Each week you will be asked to work on a particular habit. This can be one we set or something that is more pertinent to you.

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Step 2 - Know your numbers

As well as trying to implement some of the core habits of the Box Formula, we also want you to work towards eating the right kcals and macronutrients. This is the reason why we also help you to  track what you eat.


Do you HAVE to track kcals and macronutrients to see results? No. But like a speedometer on car, you don't need it to avoid breaking the speed limit, but giving you some direction certainly helps.


Tracking your food also teaches you the different values of food, so the number of calories, fibre, protein and fat enabling your MORE flexibility moving forward. A better understanding of foods and how they can fit into your diet makes food choices far easier reducing the worry of sabotaging results. I want to know how much peanut butter I can fit into my diet without putting on weight!

This isn’t something you have to do forever, in fact we encourage clients to move away from this practice and become more intuitive with their eating, however, to get to this point it pays to get a better understanding of what you’re eating first.

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Step 2 - The aggregate effect

Similar to the habit- based approach, the aggregate effect is the process of identifying factors that may contribute success and systematically looking for ways to make adjustments where you can. This could include looking more closely at nutrient timing, supplements, micronutrients and having bloodwork and some metabolic testing done. The idea that just a 1% improvement in numerous areas will lead to a greater overall gain.

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Let's work together

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