Be a Better Cyclist With INSCYD Testing.

INSCYD testing helps target your training and nutrition specifically around you as an individual.


From some remote testing we can:

  1. Determine your strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist

  2. Target your training based around your physiology 

  3. Understand exactly how to fuel your different sessions and races

  4. Pinpoint your training zones

  5. Track improvements and training effectiveness

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Take your cycling performance to the next level with the worlds most advanced analysis software for endurance athletes.
Used by Jumbo Visma, Movistar, Bora Hansgrohe and Alpacen Fenix, INSCYD is the must have testing for any cyclist.

Building your Metabolic Profile

​Similar to in house Athlete Testing, by just using your power meter we can build your metabolic profile and provide you with the information to assess your current strengths, weaknesses and help develop a plan to improve.


The metabolic profile you receive with INSCYD offers a full 360° view on your performance.

What INSCYD measures.​

  1. VO2max – how good is your aerobic engine (endurance engine)

  2. VLamax – how developed is you anaerobic engine (sprint performance)

  3. Anaerobic threshold - how can we improve your FTP

  4. Lactate accumulation and how quick you can recover from it - build intervals specifically to your physiology

  5. Carbohydrate and fat usage at different intensities

  6. Carbohydrate fuelling guidelines for training & racing

  7. Economy – how much energy you need at a given speed

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INSCYD Testing uses a range of max efforts to build your profile. All you need is a power meter on your bike or turbo trainer.

Beyond FTP and Heart rate 

INSCYD looks beyond just FTP and heart heart rate zones. This validated testing software enables us to look at all components of cycling performance and measure how you stack up. Giving you all the information you need to excel.

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How Does It Work



After signing up, you will  complete your performance tests on an indoor trainer or using a power meter outside. You MUST have a power meter for testing.



Once you have submitted your test results, we analyse your data and provide you with your report, training zones, fuelling and training recommendations.



After you receive your report, we run through your performance data and gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

What's Included

  • Your metabolic profile

  • Your Training Zones

  • Key training takeaways

  • Fuelling recommendations based on fat and carbohydrate usage rates

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What people have to say

“INSCYD testing especially helps my coaches to help create the best training programs forus.” - Primoz Roglic, Winner Vuelta d’Espagna 2019

"INSCYD is like a compass that guides us in the dark“ - Marco Pinotti, Head of Performance CCC Team

"The more we can understand how an athlete does what they are capable of doing the better we can focus what they need to do to get better and this is why after months of assessing and testing with INSCYD I am happy to partner with them to ensure I am doing my utmost to get the best out of the athletes I work with.“
David Tilbury-Davis, Professional Triathlon Coach

"The Power-Performance Decoder is like a remote controller, and nowadays crucial to give us coaches an insight in the riders their actual level.“ - Kristof de Kegel, Coach of Mathieu van de Poel and Team Alpecin FENIX

"Your really know what you need to work on if you know your VLamax“ - Dan Lorang, Coach of Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug

“With the help of the INSCYD software I have been able to cater my training to my own unique energy systems, and tailor that plan to be efficient at the races and durations that I want to excel at.“ - Lionel Sanders –Pro Triathlete