The weight loss coaching programme.

IGNITE is a weight loss coaching programme specifically for people who are struggling with their body image or weight and want to make changes. To see results, you must be committed to take the necessary steps to get results which includes tracking your food for a month and walking for at least 3 times per week. We can will provide the tools necessary but it's up to you whether they'll work in achieving your goals.

Additional Support - Ignite +

More than just testing

We understand that sometimes the data isn't enough. This is why we also offer Ignite +, an extension of testing that also includes exercise and nutrition support via our phone application.


Factoring in your testing data and exercise history , we put together an exercise plan that can be added to your calendar. There is also additional (optional) strength sessions for you to complete.


As well as your macro breakdown, we also offer a range of additional resources and support including recipe and snack ideas, supplement strategies and tips to dealing with social occasions. Ignite + also offers a tailored meal builder including breakfasts, lunches and evening meals are based around your individual requirements.

Habit Building

Each week you will be asked to focus on one particular habit to help reach your goals. These will be the foundations for long term success.

Progress Tracking

Although weight loss might be your primary goal, we also encourage to track other changes like heart rate, how you feel and how your clothes fit. This also enables us to make adjustments to your plan if you're not seeing results.


Throughout the process you get access to your own coach via the app to answer any questions you may have.

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Bonus Recipe Packs  and Nutrition Guide

Get access to an additional 6 meal plan examples, our meal planning kit with preparation guide and tracking cheat sheet, plus over 50 great tasting, easy recipes.