MaximiSe Your Full Potential.

Using metabolic and VO2 Max testing, we can devise a nutrition and exercise plan tailored around you and your physiology.  


My name is Jack Braniff and I help athletes perform, look and feel their best. I'm the founder of Box Nutrition and a registered performance nutritionist (SENr, CISSN), have my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition, a member of the British Dietetics Association and a UKAD anti doping advisor. I'm also the author of top rated sports nutrition book "Fuelling The Functional Athlete" which is available from Amazon.

Jack Braniff MSc



Box Endure removes the guesswork from your training and nutrition by using metabolic testing,  enabling us to build a plan around you and your physiology.


Box Endure is a testing and nutrition coaching programme for the recreational sportsman or woman. Providing metabolic testing (VO2 max, thresholds and heart rate zones), nutrition coaching and strength and conditioning support, we can help you implement exactly what, and how  you should be eating to perform, look and feel your  best.

perform better.

look better.

feel better.

Are you not getting the results that you're after despite training a lot?

Are you struggling to know what you should be eating to help fuel your performance?

Are you finding it difficult to balance eating to perform and lose body fat?

Are you unsure about what to eat to get the most from your training, recover more quickly and look your best?


Perform better. Look better. Feel better.

This is how Box Endure can help.


Combining elite level testing with personalised coaching, we can help you remove the guesswork from your training and nutrition, and provide you with a targeted plan that gets results.

Whether you’re a recreational runner, triathlete or CrossFit athlete who needs to work on their capacity, this programme is for you.

What's involved.....

Box Nutrition brings elite testing to the recreational, amateur and age-group athlete

Metabolic testing

By using state of the art equipment and methods, metabolic testing enables us to analyse your data and provide you with the most accurate nutrition plan completely bespoke to your individual requirements, so you can be more targeted with your training, nutrition and reduce the risk of injury.  It also enables us to pinpoint your training zones (how hard to push) and highlight how to fuel your sessions  (carbs/fat).



Our nutrition coaching takes you through a process of building better habits to how to fuel your big race.

We help you understand:

  • ​How much to eat to fuel performance without compromising the way your look

  • ​​​What to eat before, during and after your training or competitions

  • ​How to put together simple, tasty dishes that you enjoy

  • ​How to eat when you don't have time to prepare

  • ​How to diet without feeling like you’re dieting

  • ​How to stick to something that you can do forever

  • ​What supplements will help you reach your goals more quickly

  • What to and how to eat if you're on the road

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Endure comes complete with a strength and conditioning programme to help help improve your speed, power, resilience and reduce the risk of injury. The programme can be followed along as part of a phone application so you can track and share your results.


Throughout the process you will supported by your own coach via our app who will be your accountability.

You might not understand how to eat for a particular workout? You're struggling with cravings, or an injury, Jack will be there to support you when you need it most. The programme also includes access to the private facebook community where you can join likeminded people who share similar goals.

Each month you will also have a 'catch up' call to discuss your progress. This enables us to see what's working but more importantly what's not, so we can make any necessary changes to your plan.

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  • 1. Tell us about yourself

    Once you sign up you will be asked to complete a client information form where you can explain to us about your goals, your  current diet and what type of exercise you do.

  • 2. Book your Testing 

    Your metabolic testing will take roughly 90mins and is available at numerous locations across Birmingham or at a venue that suits you, including your own home. The tests include an RMR and VO2 test.

  • 3. Get your plan

    After testing, you will receive your first implementation call, which walks you through your nutrition plan and training report. You will also be setup on gain access to the community.

  • 4.Get Results

    The  idea with nutrition coaching is that it is a fluid approach, whereby depending on your progress we continue to tweak your plan and help you implement new habits to ensure you see improvement. 



Get fitter, stronger, faster. Take your performance to the next level and apply today.

Frequently asked questions


How much is it?

Endure is £99pm for 2 months

I'm a CrossFit athlete, can you tailor this programme to me.

The strength portion of this programme is not designed for CrossFit, but to improve running and cycling.

Do you tailor the exercise programme specifically for me.

This is a semi tailored exercise programme which follows a certain structure. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced programme that can be adjusted to match your ability and equipment you have available, however this is not a personalised plan.

Do I need any equipment?

The strength programme comes with the option of home or gym workouts. These can be adapted to equipment you have available to you.

What's included in the exercise programme?

The programme consists of 2 strength workouts per week and an optional mobility programme. You also get access to interval workout sessions based on your testing results.

I already follow a running programme, how will this help me?

If you already follow a plan or have a coach, your testing results can help guide you with intensities as well as highlight any weaknesses you have. You will also receive training sessions to help target these weaknesses.


Do I get a meal plan?

As part of Endure, you get access to a selection of meal plans based on your target weight and exercise sessions. There is an option to purcahse a personalised meal plan specific to your macros and tastes for £25.

Do I get my macros calculated for me?

Yes, based on your testing results we write up your calories and macronutrients for your different training days. Although you're asked to track initially, we encourage you to move away from this approach as you progress.

How often are they changed?

Depending on your results, you work with your coach to make any adjustments necessary.

Are there recipes?

Yes. You get access to a selection of recipes and a meal plan builder which helps you build balanced meals. Members are also encouraged share their recipes with the group on #Recipewednesday.

Do I have to count kcals

We only reccomend counting for the first few weeks to understand food values. The idea is to track now so you don't have to track again.

Do you recommend supplements?

This depends on your goal, but we do have a specific section on supplements for performance.

What's a fuelling plan?

Different training sessions will require different fuelling strategies. Based on your testing we can help you understand how to do this. You also give you a framework so you know how to eat for each particular session.


What equipment is the test done on?

The VO2 test is performed on either the bike or treadmill depending on your sport.

How does the testing work?

Metabolic testing involves wearing a mask, which gathers information about how much oxygen you breath in, and how much carbon dioxide you breath out. From this data we can establish your fitness levels, kcal and carbohydrate/fat burn. There are two tests that we carry out, an RMR and VO2 test. The RMR test helps establish how many kcals you require for your goal. This test will be performed with you being seated for 10-12 minutes and remaining as relaxed as possible. The VO2 test is a ramp test that increases in exercise intensity until you are unable to continue. This helps us establish your fitness levels, your training zones and fuel utilisation.

Am I fit enough?

Absolutely, the testing is simply done to provide you with a tailored approach to your diet and training, regardless of your fitness levels. It's not a test to see how good you are, but to help you improve.

have any questions?

To find out more about if Endure, or to see if the programme is right for you,  please send us your questions to or use the form below. Or alternatively call us on 0121 389 8923