More than just a VO2Max test.

We understand that as you develop as an athlete, so should your training and nutrition. This is why Box Endure offers affordable year round access to metabolic testing and support to help align your diet and programming for the best possible results.

Box Endure removes the guesswork from your training and nutrition with metabolic testing, enabling us to build a plan around you and your physiology.


Box Endure is a membership programme gives you access to year round metabolic testing to help support your nutrition and training so you can continue to monitor your performance, training effectiveness and adjust your nutrition throughout the year.

perform better.

look better.

feel better.

Are you struggling with how to fuel yourself correctly

Are you training with the correct intensities based on your physiology?

Are you finding it difficult to balance eating to perform and lose body fat?

Are you regularly testing to see if your training is effective?

Are you unsure about what to eat to get the most from your training, recover more quickly and look your best?

This is how Box Endure can help.

On a Run


Combining elite level testing with year round support, our testing helps remove the guesswork from your training and nutrition, and provide you with a targeted plan that gets results.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, adventure athlete or triathlete, we can help.

What's involved.....

Box Nutrition brings elite testing to the recreational, amateur and age-group athlete


By using state of the art equipment and methods, regular VO2Max testing enables us to analyse your data and provide you with the most accurate nutrition and training recommendations completely bespoke to your individual requirements. It also enables us to pinpoint your training zones (how hard to push) and highlight how to fuel your sessions and any races.

Your fitness is dynamic, which is why Box Endure gives you access to a full VO2Max and or remote testing every 8 weeks so you can track improvements in your fitness, monitor your fat:carb burning capabilities, adjust your training zones, update your fuelling plan and ensure your pacing strategies are correct.


Endure Academy gives you access to an ever expanding resource section on all things training and nutrition. Get access to our exercise playbook, meal plans, recipe selections, strength and conditioning workouts, live Q@A's and workouts and the group forum. All part of an phone application.

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The Box Endure Member Hub is your resource centre and knowledge hub.


Join the Box Endure community to get any of your questions answers, live Q@A's and support network for anything testing and nutrition related.

Who is Box Endure for?

Box Endure is for competitive or recreational athletes who are looking to maximise their training and performance across the training year.​


If you're a runner, cyclist, triathlete or adventure racer and looking for those marginal gains, Endure can provide you with just that.


As the only metabolic testing membership in the UK, this programme helps accurately track your performance throughout the year and uses elite level testing to improve your training, body composition and race times.

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How Does It Work

Box Endure is a 6 or 12 month programme providing you with regular metabolic testing and access to our community and member hub.


Sign up for Endure by clicking on either the 6 or 12 month package below. Once you sign up you will be asked to fill out your initial consultation form and book your first round of testing.

If you have any questions, send us a message to info@boxnutrition.co.uk or call us at 0121 293 7581

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If you believe Box Endure is not for you, then our 30 day cooling off period allows you to cancel your membership if you're not 100% satisfied with your results from your first test.


a couple of bonuses too

fuelling the functional athlete

If you sign up to Box Endure, you also get a hard copy of Fuelling the Functional Athlete worth £19.99 

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Members will also get access to the ENDURE:RUN:CLUB programming delivered to their Training Peaks account.

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My name is Jack Braniff and I help athletes perform, look and feel their best. I'm the founder of Box Nutrition and a registered performance nutritionist (SENr, CISSN), have my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition, a member of the British Dietetics Association and a UKAD anti doping advisor. I'm also the author of top rated sports nutrition book "Fuelling The Functional Athlete"  and VDOT running coach.

Jack Braniff MSc