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RMR Testing Near Me UK

RMR Testing

Your metabolism is unique to you, which is also why the amount of food you need for your goals, is also unique to you.


Many people come to Box Nutrition because they are struggling to lose weight, despite watching what they eat.


They’ve tried diets that are either too restrictive (can’t stick to them), or they can’t get past a weight loss plateau.


This is how a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test can help. By measuring your metabolism, we can create a diet plan specifically tailored around your needs.


It’s now widely accepted that an RMR test is the best way to help establish your dietary needs.


According to the American Dietetic Association Position on Weight Management 2009 “Estimated energy needs should be based on resting metabolic rate (RMR). If possible, RMR should be measured”.

What is your RMR? 

RMR is your Resting Metabolic Rate and is the amount of energy (kcals) your body burns at completely rest. Your RMR accounts for around 60% of the total energy burned during the day so it’s hugely important when calculating your dietary needs. Knowing this number helps you accurately determine how many kcals you require to eat for your goal.

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How do you measure it?

An RMR test works by using something called Indirect Calorimetry. An Indirect Calorimeter measures the percentage of oxygen concentration in the gases a person breathes out to determine how much oxygen was consumed by the body.


Because we know that there is 4.813 calories burned for every millilitre of oxygen used, by measuring how much oxygen you breath in and out, we can accurately measure how many kcals you're burning.

The Mixing Chamber

The metabolic cart collects all the exhaled gases from your breath into a chamber where they are literally mixed together. The mixed gas is then sampled to measure the exact oxygen percentage. Box Nutrition and Performance uses the “Gold Standard” of mixing chambers, giving customers the most accurate and reliable results available. This is the same precision technology used by research grade metabolic carts.

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What happens during the RMR test?

The RMR metabolism test at Box Nutrition is an easy test which only takes around 10minutes. During this time, you will be asked to breath normally into a mouthpiece that is connected to the metabolic cart. The air that you breath in is then analysed, which will provide you with your unique metabolic rate and recommended kcal requirements.

Why get an RMR test?

1. You know exactly how much to eat

By understanding your metabolic rate, we can establish an accurate set of calories based on you as an individual. We can then tailor these calories and provide portion guidelines to help you with your weight loss and or performance goals.

2. It makes weight loss straightforward

Knowing your RMR makes achieving weight loss goals straight forward as you know the exact number of calories you are burning day to day


3. Lose weight and eat more

It helps you lose weight on the MOST amount of calories possible – by knowing your RMR, we can ensure that you don’t have drastically cut calories to see results.


4. It removes any guesswork

Unlike calculators you find online, there is no guesswork associated with an RMR test, so it is far more accurate than calculating it yourself.

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How much is an RMR test?

An RMR test with Box Nutrition is £59 and is also included with our signature weight loss programme, Ignite, which also offers further support after your test. Find out more about Ignite here.

How do I prepare for an RMR test?
  • Don't eat for 4 hrs before to your test

  • Don't drink coffee 4-5hrs prior to your test

  • Don't smoke for 2 hrs before to your test

  • Refrain from any high intensity or vigorous exercise for 12hrs before your test

Do you need to retest?

Book Your RMR Test

For more information and to book your test, please click on the button below.

Why Test With Box

  • Tested over 400 people

  • High-end testing equipment also used by the military and university labs

  • Discounted group bookings available​

  • Our portable analyser means we can travel to you or test on site

My name is Jack Braniff and I help athletes perform, look and feel their best. I'm the founder of Box Nutrition and a registered performance nutritionist (SENr, CISSN), have my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition, a member of the British Dietetics Association and a UKAD anti doping advisor. I'm also the author of top rated sports nutrition book "Fuelling The Functional Athlete" which is available from Amazon.

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