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Calling ALL Men and Women Over 30 in Birmingham

Transform Your Body, Health & Fitness With Our Exclusive 6 Week Transformation Challenge

This is not a boring cardio plan, restrictive diet or “quick fix” scheme!

Our 6 Week Transformation Challenge has been successfully tried and tested on 100’s of men and women in & around Birmingham

Limited Spots Available!

There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have found Box Nutrition. After years of unhealthy and unsustainable diets and fads I wanted to take control of my relationship with food and Jack and his team have helped me do that. After doing a the Ignite programme I'm fitter, stronger and more educated and in tune with what my body needs. The support throughout has and continues to be amazing. I would encourage anyone whose been caught on a weight loss roller coaster to reach out to Jack and start your journey. The testing is brilliant too and really informative.


Are You Ready To:

 Look and feel your best in 2023?

  • Shed up to 12 pounds of body fat in 6 weeks?

  • Understand the key strategies to get fitter, leaner and stronger

  • Transform your health without sacrificing your lifestyle?

  •  Unlock the secrets to sustainable fitness and nutrition?

If you said YES, this 6-Week Transformation Challenge is specifically designed for you!

We are fully committed to your transformation. Complete our 6-week programme, and we guarantee you'll not only see a new reflection in the mirror but also experience a renewed sense of self—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Here's What You'll Get:

🌟 18 Semi-Private Training Sessions (Maximum of 8 people per class)
Three times a week, you'll work with our top-tier coaches. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our coaches will tailor your workout to match your level.

🌟 Cutting-Edge RMR (metabolism) Testing
Valued at £149, we offer the most precise metabolic testing to track your fitness journey right from the start.

🌟 A Plan Based On You

From your metabolic testing results, we are able to provide you with a plan that is unique to your body, no more guesswork

🌟 Customised Nutrition Plans and Support
Our certified nutritionists will help you understand what, when, and how to eat to complement your workouts.

🌟 InBody Scans
Monitor your progress with our state-of-the-art InBody scans, offering you precise body composition analysis.

🌟 Access to Our Exclusive Facility
Train without distractions in a clean, fully-equipped gym where every square foot is engineered for fitness success.

🌟 A Supportive, "No N*bhead" Policy Community
Work out in a safe, supportive environment. We strictly enforce our inclusive policy to make everyone feel at home.


What People Have To Say

No More Guesswork

Would highly recommend Jack and Box Nutrition, the guidance and advice I have received has been a complete game changer for me in my health and fitness. I have had an active lifestyle for years but struggled with energy levels and always carried an extra few kilos of body fat that I could never shift despite trying all the different fad diets and using calorie calculators to eat at a number I could never adhere to.


With Jack he used his RMR test to identify what my actual resting caloric burn was (20% different to what the calorie calculators would tel me) and then set me up a nutrition plan and macro targets which have been very easy to adhere to and I have seen massive benefits to my overall energy and performance as well as dropping to my lowest weight and body fat levels in 15+ years!


Jack supports you with great advice and is a great guy to work with. The machines and equipment he has is fantastic and he has an amazing knowledge on the science that has been really helpful to tap into.


Using state of the art metabolic testing

I can’t recommend Jack and Box Nutrition highly enough. I have been stuck in a rut for a while with my nutrition and I’ve tried many other programmes like this before, and they haven’t succeeded. Jack however has managed to get out of me what others haven’t.

His Attention to detail, My Accountability, The Communication, His Information, Knowledge and understanding of his clients are all areas where Jack seems to have really got it bang on


A Plan Tailored To You

I’m so happy I took the courage to visit Jack at Box nutrition 6 weeks ago. I now know exactly how many calories I consume at rest and it’s more than I thought. I’ve now lost 10lbs . Thank you so much for your continued support. Highly recommend booking to see Jack.


What's The Cost?

If you were to purchase each component of this transformation program separately, you'd be looking at a total investment of easily over £750.


But here's the catch—we're offering you a deal you won't be able to resist.


Our exclusive Special for this 6-Week Transformation Challenge is not £350, but just £300.


That's £50 per week, significantly less than what you'd pay for a single session with an average UK personal trainer.

For this price, you're not just getting workouts—you're getting a complete lifestyle upgrade. This includes advanced metabolic testing, tailored nutrition plans, access to exclusive group personal training sessions, and more. All with guaranteed results.

Our 100% Guarantee

Not convinced? We're so sure of the effectiveness of our programme that if you follow it to the letter and don't see results, we'll give you your investment back into your account. You literally have nothing to lose.

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Ready to Start Your Transformation

What Happens Next?

Step 1
Click the button and fill in a few simple details.

Step 2
One of our coaches will be in touch to arrange getting you started.


Step 3
Complete payment to secure your place on the challenge.


Step 4
Attend your intro session and start the challenge.

Click the button below to secure your spot!


Where is your gym?

We're based in Hastingwood Business Park in North Birmingham, see here.

When are your sessions?

\We have sessions available every weekday morning (between 6-8am) and evening (6-7pm) plus Saturday mornings (9-10am). You can come to whichever sessions suit you best.

When can I start?

Once you've completed payment and attended an intro session you can start right away.

Do I need to be fit?

No – we'll make sure you're working at a pace that matches your experience and fitness level.

What happens after?

It's your choice – you can become a full member or if you decide we're not for you, we can part ways with no hard feelings.

Ready to Start Your Transformation

Don't miss this opportunity to redefine yourself. Register now and secure your spot in our next 6-Week Transformation Challenge!

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