The Functional Athlete's Performance Pack

The Functional Athlete's Performance Pack


The Functional Athlete's Performance Pack gives you everything you need when it comes fuelling your performance and eating for your goals.


What's included.


1. The Box Performance Supplement Pack


The Box Performance Supplement pack compliments your diet and helps take your performance and the way you look to the next level.


Your free pack contains 4 weeks (based on training 6 days per week) supply of:


  • Caffeine
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Beta Alanine
  • Vitamin D3


2. A hard copy of Fuelling the Functional Athlete


The must have book for any functional athlete.


Fuelling the Functional Athlete walks you through a proven framework for building a successful diet. Dispelling many of the myths often associated with nutrition for functional training, this book delves into the science and research behind exactly how you should be fuelling your training and eating for results, whilst providing you with a practical framework to implement yourself.


3. Track Pack


From our experience we understand that having the right tools make the process far easier, which is why you also receive your own set of kitchen weighing scales, measuring spoons and cups, plus a tape measure and progress tracker to help measure your progress.


4. Recipe pack and meal planner


Our recipe pack and meal planner gives you 30 macro friendly meals and a weekly planner to build your weekly meal plan. Our track pack (scales and measuring cups) that is also provided makes it incredibly easy follow the recipes and ensure you’re eating for your goals.

*Your planner and recipe pack is sent via email after you have completed your purchase.



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